hi to all mums and mums 2 be. i just wanted to know from any of you who have suffered or are suffering with spd what exactly you told your midwife or doctor to get diagnosed with it? i had my 2nd little boy 27th aug last year and one moring (half way through my pregnancy ) i got out of bed and all my pelvic area was clicking and grinding and eventually got very painful, i had this for about 2 weeks and then it went away. 8 weeks before i was due it returned but it was horrendously worse, i wouldve stayed in bed if i couldve but already having a little boy that wasnt an option. i cried my way out of bed everymornin and to walk around and walk upstairs was nearly impossible i even fell quite a few times due to a shooting pain all of a sudden catching me out.every week i was telling my midwife all these different things and she kept telling me that it was just to do with my muscles and that was it. giving labour was quick and fine but 2 weeks after i still had it then it went away. can any of you tell me if this couldve been spd? i want more children but im worried if i have it again i'll suffer really bad again and no1 will listen.



  • hi it sounds like it was spd to me too i had the same problem and my midwife kept on passing it off as other things then i got to the point where i went to my gp and explained what was happening and i was refered to physio (2 weeks before i was due :x ) im now 23 weeks pregnant again and i get the odd bit of it but it is no way near as bad as last time i have invested in my own support belt from e bay and it was only ??3.75 and it has been fantastic for trips out and 'bad' days!and also remembering to move safley helps by always keeping my knees together and a decent pair of shoes also a wheat bag helps relive the pain when it does come xxx
  • i got fobbed off the first pregnancy too, this time, i told her i have spd lol she went with it and tried to tell me helpful things x
  • I am 33 weeks pregnant with my 2nd child, I didn't have spd the last time round but this time I'm now on morphine!!
    I have been told not to try again for another baby as SPD is caused my hormones and once you have had it once you will 99% sure get it again, even your monthly periods may bring on the pain caused by hormone changes. Its not easy being a woman is it!!?!! Try a cold compress on the area and sleepi ng with a pillow between your thighs, but ask to be referred to a physio as soon as possible and don't be fobbed off unless you've had it people don't realise how painful it is - I mean morphine is not a drug to be taken lightly!!!
  • Hi to any sufferers of SPD im pregnant with my forth child and this is the third time ive had it.It started with my second child at fifteen weeks by nineteen weeks i was on crutches and in and out of hospital . I was on crutches on and off for three years after.My second child was five when i became pregnant again it all started again at about seven weeks pregnant i was in so much pain my docter thought i was losing the baby after two weeks in hospital i knew what was wrong it was spd agian.that meant more pelvic braces crutches and a lot of pain killers , one that was a great help was using a tens machine from 12 weeks onwards.Iwas induced two and half weeks early with both of them , the second childs birth was really hard but my third was great no pain until the point of pushing and both vaginal births.I knew i was pregnant agian as for two weeks i have had trouble walking and lots of pain in my pelvis , did the test on monday and it was positive im very scared because this wasnt planned but i am happy but that ******* SPD has got me again and im only about eight weeks pregnant.I KNOW HOW YOU ALL FEEL BUT THE END RESULT IS WORTH ALL THAT PAIN EVEN THE ONE THAT PUT IT THERE (ONLY JOKING MY HUSBANDS MY ROCK ):\?:cry:image
  • My god how scary, i have been suffering for 9 weeks, i am 28+ weeks & my gp referred me to physio 4 & a half weeks ago. Didnt get an app so i called them on tuesday to complain cos last wk i was unable to walk & they told me the app are in order of priority & i could be waiting up to 8 weeks for an app. I refused to get off the phone til i had an app & i finally got one yesterday. The physio straight away diagnosed me with SPD & gave me crutches & a brace to keep my pelvis together. It is agony & he did tell me it will get worse as my pregnancy goes on. I would love more children after this one but i am scared to go through all this again. I had severe morning sickness, every symptom under the sun i have had it. Now this!!! It is scary but i do think i will definately take the risk & try again.
  • Hi tess1, how did they diagnosed SPD with you. My problem is that i notice that when i'm sat down (which as i'm a secretary is all bloody day) i start to hurt down below. Then as soon as i get up to walk around i'm in pain and can't walk very fast. Also i'm now noticing when i turn over in bed i'm in pain. I've always had problems with my back but lately i've notice that i can't put a lot of weight on my righthand side. I spoke to my midwife yesterday and she said it sounds like SPD she asked me to cross my legs to see if that hurt and push my legs close together which both times hurt. She's told me to keep my legs as close together as poss and don't overdo it with walking etc. Also when get out the car keep legs together and also try and turn over in bed slowly. She said if it gets worse within the next two weeks to go and see her to see physio. Do you work? Like you this baby will be a single child!!!!!!
  • On teh positive side, I've got to nearly 34 weeks and seem to have avoided SPD this time round. One good tip: put a plastic carrier bag on your car seat to help you swivel in and out - helps enormously!
  • Hi everyone, thankyou very much for replying. I cant believe how lucky most of u are for being treated and having different things to cope, it makes me feel very angry 2 think my midwife at the time obviously just wasnt bothered about listening to me and to think how much pain i was in and how i just had 2 force myself through it somedays with already having a little boy 1 1/2 at the time, and my partner at work everyday. Thankgod shes retiring this year so by the time i plan 2 have another she wont be there! doe's anyone who's had it suffer with any sort of pain now at all?
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