20 week scan

When is ur's or when was it???

Mine is monday 14th jan and soo excited!!

J x :\)


  • o you have your 20 week scan the day before my 4d scan, i had my 20 week scan on 22nd nov, and i was so exited,
    are you finding out what sex your baby is or are you having a suprise, i am finding out what im having at my 4d scan and cant wate,
    time just seams to be going so slow lol
    good luck at your scan hun.


  • mines 18 jan cant wait,and im going to find out the sex!
  • Hi no we are not finding out as we want a surprise!!

    J x

  • i would love to be able to wait for a suprise but i cant stand the waiting lol, i found out with my first i was having a girl at my 20week scan, so its made me want to find out this time to lol.
    good luck at your scan not long for you now xxx


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