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Paternity Leave

Hiya. I don't think it's available but... my oh is about to become self-employed in the next couple of months and I wanted to know if he'll qualify for paid paternity leave. I've looked on a couple of government sites and it doesn't look likely, but just thought I'd ask in case I've missed something. Has anyone got self-employed partners who can advise?? x


  • Hey. As far as ive found their is nothing for s/e partners. In fact everything just seems to be more complicated if your partner is s/e. Been looking into child tax credits and as you dont know what your going to earn they get a bit funny about giving you any. If i find anything else i will let you know. My dh went s/e just before we found out i was expecting. it has been a lot of hard work but it is nice that he can pick and choose his hours. good luck with it xx
  • Thanks doublebubble! Sorry for lateness in reply, I forgot I'd posted in this bit haha, hope you're well.
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