This is the best day!

I think im pregnant,
Our new computer has just turned up even though we were told it wouldnt arrived until 27th,
My daughters duvet has just turned up so she is warmer at night as her rad is broken,
Plumber is coming round on thurs to fix rads,
A claire voyant told my mums best friend that her best friends daughter is pregnant with her 2nd,
Going for a work christmas dinner tonight so free food and drink is always a good thing especially when you have nothing in the house like us.

they may seem like little things but to me its what makes me happy

im so looking forward to christmas because our daughter is gona love all her presents!!!

sorry had to let excitement out


  • hooray!!!! congratulations!! enjoy it all! x
  • hi fiona

    how was your night out? did you fill yourself up on free food??!!

    i know what you mean about having nothing in too, i can't seem to find the time, and money, to go to the supermarket.

    we're going to MIL's for xmas day and boxing day dinner and will be visiting other relatives for rest of that week so not urgent to get stuff in, i'm sure they'll feed us!!

    do you know for definite if you're pg?? have you been trying?? hope you get a BFP when you get round to testing.

    kelly x

  • Night out started crap as we were standing around for ages cos it was so busy. I was aching all over and could hardly stand and felt a bit queazy but think I was hungary. Once we were sat down and eating I felt better but I had terrible back and leg ache. Had prawn cocktail for starters and a big christmas Dinner - mmmm lovely. I was out like a light when we got home, so glad Felicity was already in bed!

    Were at home christmas eve and day but round my dads on boxing day and they always feed us loads so looking forward to sitting back and being looked after.

    My last af was 10th Nov and I was due on 13th Dec so im now 6days late, keep getting cramps this week and like i said ache like crazy. Last week i came out in spots and at the weekend was feeling faint and nauseas.

    how old are your little ones? x
  • my lo's are 27 months and 7 weeks, both boys, and a right handful between them but not so bad on their own!!

    leaving them both with daddy tonight so i can go get a few last minute bits to finish off xmas shopping, had to keep the oldest lo up all day with no nap so he will be straight off to sleep at 7 and then hubby only has one to look after!! that's the only way i'll get to go, how is it men can only cope with one but we're expected to get on with it!!??

    my MIL does the whole 3 course xmas dinner, on boxing day and new year too, she's a good cook and it's really nice so looking forward to it, i don't like xmas pud so she even gets me a carrot cake to have over those 3 days, hubby is an only child so they spoil us both and our children, i'm not complaining!!

    fingers crossed for a bfp for you XX

    kelly x
  • thankyou, my lo is 23 months on fri and still has to have a daytime nap or shes really grumpy but cos of it she wont go to bed til 9pm!! what was it like being pg and looking after a toddler? im dreading it, shes getting to that terrible twos stage x
  • hiya

    i think i cursed my husband last night saying women have to cope and get on with looking after children, our baby would not settle for him last night!! casper went to bed at 7 as planned and went straight to sleep, i got alex ready for bed and put him down at just after 7 and he eventually settled just after 9, hubby was texting me most of night asking for tips on how to settle him!! ha ha!! now he knows what i go through with 2 everyday!!

    i didn't find it too bad being pregnant with a toddler, i was still working part time up until 29 weeks and then i left early on maternity as i was still being quite sick and didn't know one day to the next if i'd be in work so i decided to start maternity. casper was going to his childminder's 4 days a week still so it meant i could be poorly and not have to worry about looking after him. i used to try and nap before i went to pick him up to give me more energy for entertaining him in the afternoon.

    hubby took over bedtime routine from about 10 weeks as i got a bump quite early 2nd time, i couldn't get casper on my knee for story time or lean over his cot to put him in, he still does it now alex is here, we do one each!!

    up until a couple of weeks ago casper hadn't started with the dreaded terrible twos so he was really easy going and pretty easy to look after, he couldn't wait for his little brother to come out, he used to talk to him through my belly button and say "baby alex not ready yet"!!

    now it's a different story although i don't think it's got anything to do with the baby coming as he really likes him. he will point his finger at me and say " don't you say that mama" if i've said "no" to something for example, i don't even point my finger or say that to him so i've no idea where he's got it from!! he still goes to his childminder 2 days a week so it might be one of the kids there as i can't imagine the childminder saying it!!

    it is tiring being pregnant with a toddler because you have to run around after them so much and entertain them but it's nice when you've got a big bump and you have to think of a way to explain what's in there that they'll understand, then they get excited about the prospect of meeting the baby, my mum used to say casper didn't really understand that there was a baby in there but i think he did, i used to show him real babies in prams and tell him that was like baby alex in my tummy, he didn't bat an eyelid when he saw alex for first time, just accepted it that he was now out and "mama's tummy is empty now"!!

    hope this helps

    kelly x
  • aarhhhh thats so sweet, oh i cant wait. i was thinking that my tummy might show earlier than last time cos its already that shape if you know what i mean ill tell people im pg at 13weeks and they'll think im 5months lol. thats if i am pg of course!

    What have you done about a pram? does casper still go in one? i was thinking about a phil and teds but dont think we'll have the money it will have to be a cheap twin one from toys r us lol.

    Do you think you got bigger second time round? my pg was all out front but ive heard that with your subsequent pregnancies you get big all over? not sure if thats true

    sorry about all the questions, just so intriging x x x fiona
  • hiya

    we haven't got a double pram, we've bought 2 and taken them both back.

    the first was mama's and papa's twin aria, i liked this as it was quite small when it was folded so it would go in my car boot but casper didn't fit in, the harness was really small so we couldn't fasten it with his coat on, obviously with it being winter and blumming freezing lately that was no good, he was heartbroken when he didn't fit, really cried, we had to tell him it was going away for bob the builder to fix it and that seemed to do the trick!!

    the 2nd one was a first wheels chassis and seperate seats, we got a carrycot for one side for alex to go in until 6 months, it was mega expensive, over ??500 but i loved it and was getting desperate for a twin pram, anyway this one didn't fit in the boot so we took it back to mothercare and they refunded us just yesterday.

    i've given up trying to find a double one now, we've bought a mama's and papa's pramette for alex, casper has a mama's and papa's ziko but he rarely goes in it as he likes walking but i didn't think this was any good from birth for alex so we got him a new pram, probably a good job i didn't get a double in the end as he's so big, 3ft tall already that he wouldn't have been in it long, also when i go places with both of them i try to take someone with me just in case casper decides to play up and then i'm not running after him like a loony carrying alex too.

    i've seen the phil & teds ones, they look lovely but they also look huge!! and i wasn't keen on the baby being so low down under the pram, seemed a bit weird to me!!

    i got big really early this time, one thing i remember is that i was definitely showing this time with alex at 17 weeks cos i remember telling someone how far i was who thought i was further, with casper we got married at 18 weeks and i thought i hid it quite well (even though people knew), in the picture's the only way you'd tell is by my boobs and face!! lol!!

    with both my pregnancies i've had my bump at the front, people used to say you couldn't tell i was pg from behind, also i didn't really put on much weight with either of them, lucky me!! i ate what i wanted for both of them though so don't know how i managed it. alex is 8 weeks on xmas day and although i haven't weighed myself since he's been born i think i'm more or less back to my normal shape and weight except for my little pot belly!! back in my size 12 clothes which i'm happy about as i don't have money to buy new ones!! haven't done anything special to get back into them, just running around after hubby, a toddler and baby seems to do the trick!!

    i saw your other post about felicity on toddler forum and not sure what to suggest, i thought she might be doing it for attention but if you're on your own with her when she does it then that can't be it! you could try the good old reward chart for specific things that you want her to do, it's worked great for casper brushing his teeth, he asks to have them brushed now, supernanny does something where you have say 4 or 5 plastic flowers in a vase (sounds tacky but the ones she had were nice!!) and if the child misbehaves they get a flower taken away and you explain to them why it's been taken away, if they need rewarding for something you give one back and again explain what they did that you are rewarding them for, and when they have say 10 they get some sort of small reward, you could do something like that if you think she will understand, i liked that idea when i saw it.

    casper misbehaves when he's tired mostly, he won't listen to what i'm asking him to do etc, also when the tv is on i can't get any sense from him so i turn it off to get him to listen and i get his attention immediately, he's like a zombie when he watches tv, have to limit his time now.

    hope this helps a bit

    kelly x

    ps let me know when you've done your test!! fingers still crossed for you XX
  • Prams are such a nightmare I hope I dont have trouble with felicitys height cos shes 23months today and already 3ft tall!!! Shes not too bad with TV, I only let her watch from 7-9am and 1.30-2.30pm cos her fave programmes are on then. Shes good as long as shes occuppied but it can be very tiring as im sure you know. she likes it when i ask her to 'help mummy'. i say that if she wont let me change her nappy, she'll hold the wet wipes etc... i like that flower idea might do something along those lines as i dont think she'll really understand a reward chart yet.

    i was the same when i was pg, people told my i didnt look pg from behind. my (.)(.) got huge though and in the last few weeks i got a bit chubby but think its because i ate lots of chocolate. like you i ate whatever i liked throughout, well from about 18wks when morning sickness died down, i really suffered bad from that throwing up all day every day and couldnt keep anything down x

    thank you for your advice, i might poas in a min x x
  • This is the worst day!

    Just got a BFN but why am igetting all these symptoms, i cant even have a drink over xmas because there is still a chance i mite be, but knowing my luck my af will show after xmas and ill be wishing i had a drink. this is so frustrating
  • Oh fiona - so sorry - it might be that the test was not working. Despite being 13 weeks, I took a test two weeks ago and got a BFN!! Even though the test had said it had worked, it clearly hadn't as I rushed out to buy another one and that came up BNP!

    Crossing fingers and toes for you

    Sam xxx
  • my af is definatly here today and im feeling crappy but very positive and glad i can drink and enjoy christmas, gona stop thinking about trying until xmas is over and af is gone!

    merry christmas girls, ill be back in the new year x
  • hi fiona

    only just seen your post today.

    sorry af has arrived, it's awful when it arives and you've convinced yourself you're pg, that happened to me loads for both of mine.

    like you say at least you can have a drink and try again after xmas.

    will keep fingers crossed still for you, hope to hear your bfp news in the new year.

    happy christmas

    kelly x
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