What size feet?

Hi all, my 16 month old Corey has got size 6 feet I know he will have big feet cos I have lol! He's also about 85cm tall, just wondering how tall and what size feet others have that are around the same age as Corey?image


  • Ben is 13 months, 80cm and size 4.
    I'm 5ft 5 and size 5 and my oh is 6 ft and size 9.
    Vic xx
  • Hi Vic, I'm about 5ft 7 and I have size 9 feet which i HATE lol, my oh is also size 9 and a little bit taller than me.
  • my daughter is only little she is 3 1/2 yrs old and is a size 6. when she was just over one she was a size 2 so has only grown 4 shoe sizes in over 2 years.
    i am a size 5 and boyf a size 11 so thought she would have slightley bigger feet lol.


  • my lo is 13months and she doesnt measure on the chart yet. we reackon she about a 1. not thats it a prob at the moment coz the lazy wee thing wont walk on her own yet. but if her feet dont grow before she walks we could have probs with shoes.
    im a 6 and oh an 11
  • I just checked Corey's height chart + he was 80cm tall when he was 12 mths + 1 week old lol.
    His first cruising shoes were a size 5, he was abit lazy and started walking on halloween last yr , he was going on to 14 months.
  • Hi Andrea, what date was your little girl born on?
    Corey is 3rd Sept
  • yes it was v. hot I remember it well, I was working as a nursery nurse before I had Corey and I ended up going on maternity leave early, the end of July I think.
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