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Hi everyone. . . I just had some good news and i really excited so i had to tell someone. It looks like my fiancee, Owain, will back from Iraq for the birth our first baby he just called me to tell me!!! Its not 100% yet will be confirmed next week sometime but im really excited just had to tell you all!!! Lots of love Sophia x x x


  • Thats so great for you.i'll keep my fingers crossed for you it's such an experience to share.take care,Sarah.xXx
  • Hi sarah. . I would do anything to have him back for the birth, especially as it's our first. Ill have to wait and see what they say next week. . u take care too, Sophia x x x
  • wow, that's fantastic news for you! I really really hope that he makes it back, it will make it even more special, especially for him. x fingers for the verdict next week. x c
  • Hi, thats great news hope everything goes well. x
  • Hi Sophia, thats excellent - fingers crossed for next week Claire xxxx

  • that is brilliant, i'm so pleased for you now hopefully you can sit back and enjoy the rest of your pregnancy.....anita xx
  • Hi everyone, thanx for replies!! Im always moaning on about my fiancee it's all i ever talk about, hopefully i can have him home. I'll let you all know either way. . ur all so lovely! Sophia x x x
  • Good Morning everyone, hope you and babies are well. Just quick note 2 tell everyone im kinda excited its on news everywhere that loads of troops r coming home from iraq within weeks!!! Owain said on phone 2 me yesterday he wont be away as long as i think, but thats all he could say cause iraqis control phone lines &can hear everything u say! So fingers crossed my men might be coming home soon! I shouldnt get my hopes up 2 high but i am excited at the thought of it. . at least tony bastard blair is finally starting to see sense ( i never swear thats how much i hate the P.M ) Love to everyone, Sophia and baby Theo x x x
  • Go for it Sophia, swearing is good for you. SO pleased for you - that is great news. How did you sleep last night, any nightmares? About eagle/dove/babies?
  • avtually i did have a strange dream, i was on a farm full of little cute chicks ahh. no scary ones, i was concentrating on the cute ones in my head though. I woke up about 4 times cause im too uncomfortable though, u watch S.I last nite? x
  • That's great news Sophia, for you and your OH. x fingers that they are sending the boys home soon. xclaire
  • I know, the slightest thing i hear about them coming home and i get so excited. I am just going to stay positive and hope 4 the best, cause the very very latest he will be back is early june x x
  • Not surprising you must miss him. No Sophia I haven't watched it yet. I'm trying to get my housework done but have recorded it so i'll watch it this afternoon - what about you, was it a good one?
  • I watched a bit of it but fell asleep, i have seen it before. I hate repeats, i get really frustrated cause he is the only person i want to be around and he is so far away. Its pointless moping though caust that wont bring him back so i just have to wait!!!
  • At least you know he's coming home soon, I know its not much of a concellation but just keep spending more money - that normally does the trick xxxxxx
  • Yeah it does! I cant possiblay buy more baby things, ive nothing left to get. Is it bad luck to have baby's pushchair and crib in house? My nan said it is, but my nan tells me all sorts! I just made myself look like a rite idiot, i called mothercare and said "i need to order a weathershield for my baby's wheelchair"
  • oh dear, look what i've done to your brain. I promise not to scare you. They say it is unlucky but you are 30 weeks not sure what point you are 'allowed' for it to come home. we went looking at them at the weekend, and I'm so fussy i can't see any I like. xx
  • I went everywhere to find the right one! I even travelled to swindon to try find the right one, ended back up in mothercare! I know, you have corrupted my brain! x x
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