17 preg an single

im 6 months preg. my bf split up wit me 3 months ago but has begged me to give it anothr go.but since took him back i tink e as been usen me for sex?? do i say to him or wait to see how e is wen babys born??


  • it could be because your feeling a bit insecure as most women do when they are pregnant!! but i would try and talk to him if it was me cos you need to know where you stand.
    i was 17 when i first fell pregnant but unfortunatly it was from a one night stand!
    good luck and try and get everything off your chest all at once xx
  • hi there,
    there is 1 easy way to see if he is using you for sex hun, dont sleep with him. Blame it on the pregnancy if you want but if you dont have sex with him and he still sticks around then you can be confident that it is you he wants and not just sex. If he disappears because you wont sleep with him then you are better off with out him and you can be happy in the knowledge that you didnt let your self get used.
    I know it is a scary thing being pregnant so young, i had my first when i was 16 (father a total arse) and you may feel the need to cling to the first bloke that shows an interest but if he is just after sex you are so much better off with out him.
    Get help from your friends, from your family, from anyone who is offering but dont expect to rely on a bloke who just wants 1 thing.
    There are so many great blokes out there who wont care if you have a child to another man, i know this from experience, and who will treat you and your lo with the respect and love you both deserve.
    best of luck with your bf and your pregnancy.
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