Any young Mum's to be from South Wales?

i'm just a little worried that i won't cope when my husband goes back to work. He's taking 2 weeks off when the baby is born, and my family live close by, but i'm so desperate to prove to them that i can make it on my own, plus, if i let them help i'm worried they'll think it's an invitation to interfear!!!


  • DON'T WORRY. i felt the same when i was pregnant!!
    Nobody will see you as an unfit mother if you can't cope. I couldn't cope with my little one at the start and i was getting so down about it as the midwife was telling me not to do something as it wasnt correct. I spoke to my parents and in laws about it and found that it doesn't matter if you don't follow the book. Do things your way nobody elses!
    You'll find your own way of doing things e.g changing nappys, feeding, bathing etc.
  • Thanx, i'm just inexperienced when it comes to babies. My niece was born on sunday just gone, i went to see her on monday and she was so small i did'nt want to hold her. Everyone thought i was being strange. Then i got made to hold her wednesday night coz my sister-in-law just stuck her on me, i felt so afraid i'd drop her i nearly burst into tears!!! It just felt like one big reality check that come june i'll have one, up until now everything has been so surreal!
  • hey im 16 from south wales and 30 weeks pregnant
  • hi, how have you been finding it so far?
    Where in South wales, i'm in Torfaen.
  • iv been findin it ok so far just want the baby here im really fed up. how are you finding it so far?
    im from brecon you no it?
  • Yeah i know brecon, i'm live in Cwmbran so it's not that far.
    It's been an ok pregnancy, it's had it's ups and downs though. I know what you mean about getting fed up now. I'm 31 weeks, and i just want to see the baby now. Plus i'm going away for my husbands birthday soon, only Tenby, but i'll be 37 weeks then and in a caravan. He thinks we'll be coming home with the baby.
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