First time mum

I'm 18 and i am 5 + 2 weeks pregnant with my first baby. i'm quite scared bt at the same time im quite excited.My baby is due the end of august. and it seems a loooong time to the birth. I am going to the doctor next week. and cant wit for my first MW appt. I ma looking forward to chatting with other young mums. i want to tell people but i am frightened of their reactions as i am still at college.


  • hello, im the same as you im half way through a university course. im 21 and 10 weeks im due either 24 or 25 off july got my first midwife appt on 9th jan and my scan on the 11th jan really cant wait.
  • congratulations lil_bump!a summer baby will be lovely. dont worry about other people, the worst thing u can do is think of anyone but yourself now. sod other people and what they think and enjoy your pregnancy!
    im 21 and at uni and have had lots of support from tutors,family andpartner. u will be off from college in the hardest part of pregnancy so u can concentrate on ur studies still. unlike me, i did all my essays at home and missed lectures as baby was due early dec.
    do it all for yourself and your baby, and good luck!

    holly + ryan xx
  • thnx guys loads of get support. will keep in touch going to doctors today as i cudn't wait ne long.
  • Hi lil bump and congratualtions! i'm 21 and I'm 14 weeks today, i'm in my final year at uni, but shud hopefully be finished by the time baby arrives. i was worried bout what people would say as well, but as i get further along it's botherin me less!
    Hope ur pregnancy goes well

  • thnks hun i really want to tell everyone bt think i will wait til 12 weeks which is hard bt i am capable of doin lol. Im in my first year of a two year course i will be off for summer when the lo is due and my sister will look after it while im at college in second year.. thnks for the support and i hope ur pregnancy goes well.

  • lil_bump i just wanna miss you all the best. im 19 and just gone 12 weeks pregnant. i found out quite late but ive had an emergency scan and iv got another on the 2nd of jan and my MW appt on the 15th. let me know how things go for you as were both around thesame age i know how you feel.
    im so scared about being a mum for the first time. i might not be much help but i could offer moral support lol
  • thanx gachette. Just returned from doctors he makes it 6 weeks. He was very reassuring and was surprised i wanted to keep it. i have to phone up on wednesday to arrange an appointment with MW. Havent had ne scans yet so cnt wait til i have one just to let me know i am a mum and LO is ok. Where is everyone from would love to meet up with local mum 2 be's
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