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Afternoon All

Hi Girls,

I'm sitting at home bored out of my brain - should be working but not going back until Monday due to a rather silly thing I did on Monday morning - Managed to get myself a mild concussion by banging my head into a door frame in Wales! OOPS!

Anyway yesterday I went to the Dr's and then ended up in A&E and have been told to relax and to not drive - yuk hate having to sit around the house.

Anywayssssssssss thought I would pop onto PP and catch up as Sam is only letting me have 5mins a night so not to cause any more headaches etc (hes @ work at the mo - hehe) and has been looking after me - hes such a sweetie but no ones on here image and its been very quite image

How is everyone elses day going? if you wanna chat i'm here image



  • Hi Sarah!

    I am burnt to a frazzle and so have stayed in most of the day apart from a trip to get Bronwyn weighed and a wander round Lidl! oooh the excitement!

    I have spent the last 2 hours sorting through Bronwyn's old clothes and deciding what to keep and what to sell! Read into that what you want but when you realise that we had over 42 sleepsuits in a 3-6, and more than 30 vests in the same size you will understand why some had to go!  Not started on the 6-9 or 9-12 yet!!!!!

    Oh god, Bronwyn has found her walker and is pushing it round the living room crashing into everything that happens to get in her way! Including me! The HV is well impressed with her development!

  • Hi Caroline,

    Glad i'm not alone on here was feeling very lonely then image lol

    WOW you have a fair amount of clothes there - mind you if this baby is gonna be a big'gen guessing you wont really need the smaller romper suits image how exciting though - must be fab getting all those clothes out again imageimage

    Thats good news about the HV - i'm sure we're due to Bronwyn update pics imageimageimage

  • Just for you Sarah to cheer you up whilst you are "poorly"!!!!

  • Here's another, Zoe took this one!! Thanks Zoe!!

  • I am quite enjoying going through all these clothes! The only thing is that the smallest clothes that she actually wore aren't small at all, well at least not compared with normal sized babies!!!! To me they look tiny but they were 0-3 and she only wore them for 4 weeks or less!

    I popped my head round the door of the spare room earlier and nearly had a heart attack! Looks like a bomb has hit it, not to mention the stash of baby stuff - bath, bath support, bouncy chair, car seat and base etc etc etc!!

    I need to find a baby swing now!!!!

  • Mel I was actually sober would you believe lol - but it did bloody hurt! I can tell you that for nothing lol

    Caroline thanks for the piccies - shes just soooooooooooooo gorgous!!! and I cant believe how big she is now! I remember when I first joined PP she was just a little baby!!! OMG how time has flown by image

    Ohhhh talking about swings - have you seen on FB Becs pictures of Reese in the Tigger swing! OMG Love it!!! LOL

  • Oh dear Sarah hope your feeling ok.

    Caroline love he pic's she's looking more grown up.

  • Thanks Emma - hows Riley doing?
  • Better than usual,his been running around all day,we went and did the weekly shop and he couldnt sit still in the trolly,and all his wanted to do i go play in the park but it got a little to hot this afternoon so he was more than happy to play with his gameboy(daddys old one)

    We are going swimming tomorrow morning so his looking forward to that.

  • Whoops Sarah, hope your head's all better soon!!

    Caroline, i can't believe how grown up Bronwyn looks!! Enjoy sorting through all her old clothes, i can't wait until i can dig out all Cameron's old things and get them ready for a new baby!!

  • Sarah hope your head is feeling a little better!  and as always Bronwyn looks gorgeous Caroline

  • Emma thats good news about Riley - I remember when I wasnt much older than Riley when I needed to have a tooth taken out - gosh it seems like forever ago image

    Awww Dawn you'll have to post us some piccies of Cameron as a teeny baby image

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