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hi new member using surrogate

hi everyone

i am a new member and would like to meet anyone that is trying for a baby using surrogacy or as already used a surrogate to have a baby,
i was diagnosed with PCOS and other problems, i have had 14 attemps at IVF and they all fail. My consultant then advised me that there is nothing else he could do. So my self and my husband decide to try and find a surrogate and have found one through COTS.

would love to here from anyone going through the same as me xxxxxx:\)


  • hi, saw this on the home page. i'm not using a surrogate myself but i remember an old member on here did and her little girl was born via surrogate in june09, her member name was 'firsttimer', although i don't think she uses the site anymore, u can still probably get some info from all her old posts by looking at her 'other topics', and i'm nto sure, but she might have her 'email me' button enabled, or u could ask if anyone knows how to get her atention in the 'born in june 09' forum. anyway, here's a link to her first ever post, hth xx 25+3
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