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saw it for the first time last night, now watching it for the 3rd time and wishing edward cullen was real, i love him!


  • Oh god your'e hooked now!!!!!

    Am I the only one who doesn't watch tv???? I need to start-I miss out on all the conversations at mother and baby!!!!!!!

  • its a film rach!image
  • He's just a boy,far too young,but can see the attraction.imageHaven't seen the film either.
  • image ha-that's how outta touch I am!!!!!!!!!!!! He he ta for that tho-won't make myself look totally stupid on Thurs in next group!!!!!!!!!
  • hes older than me, so im off to watch it again and possibly lick the tv image
  • lmao i have not seen it yet but want to xxx
  • its really good, well i think so! you should deff watch it jade!
  • I only watched it last week but really liked it am going to wathc new moon at the cinema whnen I get a chance!  he is far to young for me but can still LOOK!
  • OMG who is he????? Obviously way too young for myself but as Charmaine said-I can look!!!!image

    Don't lick the tv Lau,devil to clean afterimage

  • its ok, the kids lick it so often andrew will never know it was me!


    im desperate to see new moon!!!

    Google edward cullen rach!

    im watching it again now, and i seriously wish he was real, its not just looks its the WHOLE character!

  • Very pretty but I bet he uses "products".Give him a good twenty years.Still been back for another look thoughimage

    When I was but a quite young thing the vampire movie was Lost Boys.I watched it lots,but there were men,and  motorbikes ,and leather...I think.And Jason Patrickimage

  • oh i love the lost boys!!!! still no patch on edward for me though!!!

    THIS is my laptop wallpaper, a fix anytime i need it! image

  • Okay,Edward's yours.I like a man with a bit more man to him.

  • mine and 3million others, i had no idea how HUGE twilight was until i fell in love,

    thanks to edward cullen, human boys have lost there charm, ill never be happy again! lol

  • Andrew be getting a certain costume for Xmas then?

  • Oh god no-h's like soooo young!!!! And way too thin and facially hairless for meimage

    NO no on so many levels!!!!! Mind  you Lau,you are so young!!!!!!!

  • hes older than me rach so im ok!imageimage

    haha, he has hair like edward, and the same colour eyes, i may start moulding him now, but hell never be a chivalrous vampire will he image

  • Good god now I feel like your ma!!!!!!image

    I'll stick with big fat funny menimage

  • i had two teenage girls point at roo in hmv today and say he looks like edward cullen, i dont see it, shame that!
  • Ok..die hard twilight fan here! reader of books before films (feels proud) and OMG the films...BRILLIANT! they did them PERFECTLY!

    I feel soooo in love with Edward even more so when I saw Twilight. *SWOOOONS*

     and yes I agree Laura, all human men have lost their charm, because of Edward we shall never be happy with what man we have cuz we...I know I Do is think about the man I dont have...when Adam doesnt something or says something I dont like I always say "Edward would never say/do that" and he says it the same time now as he rolls his eyes hahaha ♥

    Ok I might have to watch Twilight tonight and I have to see New Moon again.


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