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this weekend we have a lovely christmas market/fayre on, its huge and covers most of town centre, i really look forward to it.

But each year i battle round with a pushchair tutted and moaned at the the hundreds of people who flock in on coaches, 

IT HAS SERIOUSLY PISSED ME OFF, i live here, and all year round i appreciate it, yet the one thing i look forward to im made unwelcome at, i had someone mutter about 'that bus' meaning the buggy and said pardon, he made some rubbish up, i turned to roo and said im sick of every year we  miss out because of bleesding tourists to which this twat replies, well you dont sound local, where u from???? Ive spent ALOT of time in leicester and ive picked up the accent! But i am very much from bury born and bred.

i went nuts and walked off, and lo and behold whos parked outside my house, the same tosser, i just calmly said, look i am local! ive just encouraged roo to go and block his car in.

Rant over


  • at least it wasnt raining ...hahaha

    Its POURING here.

    Look, I tut at big buggies, I do and im sure my buggy when we have one will make other people tut,...its just the law of the world, we must tut at pushchairs image

  • Let it all out! so long as it made you feel better, thats the main thing!  Rage is better out than in i say, and hell mend anyone who gets in the way!

    hate this time of year and trying to get buggy round shops, streets etc

  • image Don't let some twat ruin your christmas fayre mateyimage Should have headbutted him!!!!!

    And as for parking outside yours-mmm flat tyres????? Arsehole. Ramming heels is another fave of mine Lau,only if get comments obviouslyimage

  • Parking outside yours is time for sending Jack out with crayons.Does not clean off easily.As for tutting at pushchairs,it's your town,your fayre.And it's Christmas.Bah humbug miserable git.

    As a big pushchair pusher myself,I never move for them,I give way to other pushchairs,not people, and I tut them instead,and I usually get an apology.

    Hope he didn't spoil your day too much

  • we didnt bother going back out, jack was happily playing, may venture up tomorrow!

    Our buggy isnt that big, we had it in the smallest combo possible but having seen 2 triples and more twins than i care count i understand people had had enough, BUT its a FAMILY fayre!!!

    he had the cheek to knock and ask us to move our car, we said andrew was out and all sat in the window staring at him as he took 20mins to shift!!!!image

    just made lolas birthday cake for the meal tomorrow, thats made me calmer, ill post pics soon!

  • Laura, reading that has just made my night!!  (had one of those days) I bet it would have been brilliant to have watched too!  I love it when the baddie gets his comeuppance  image
  • jack kept knocking on our window too, so he knew we were watching.

    didnt bother going back up, went for lolas meal and all fell asleep as soon as the family left!

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