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Pleasantly surprised by MIL

MIL  was supposed to be visiting BIL  today,popping into ours this afternoon,which I wasn't looking forward to.

Anyhoo,yesterday Darren phoned me to say BIL cancelled,could she come here,I said NOOOOO!!!He complained a bit,but too bad.Then she phoned and asked me(why me?)when she was being picked up.She sounded very happy/excited.They hadn't told her yet.A wave of pity must have grabbed me because,before I thought about it,I'd phoned Darren and told him to invite her to ours.Was very cross with myself all afternoon yesterday,and some more this morning,but it was actually okay.She was completely lovely all day.She played with all the children,she talked to all of them.There were no rude comments about how many more children and what a drain they were,blah,blah,the only time she mentioned how ever many more you have it was in a polite context,without malice.And lots of hadn't had so much fun in ages and loving coming to our house comments.We all had a really good time.

Really pleasantly suprised,and since I'm always giving MIL such bad press I thought I ought to share something nice for a change.Looking forward to her coming Boxing Day now.Hoping this is a permanent change.image


  • thats really great to hear jo!

     There is hope for the rest, mines had a turn around this year too!

  • That is great Jo-I hope it continuesimage Plaese ask your MIL to make mine a nicer person-she accidently heard Ian telling someone we would like another-and said ''for god's sake don't'

    What's that all about?????? I have 2 FFS and she aint never had to babysit or do FA with them. Fuming I was,best she stays away for a while............image

    But I'm very pleased for you jo,and Laura,it's nice to hear.image

  • Jo...are you in the practical parenting mag....with the kidlets and liking lists....?

    My MIL...hmmm what a woman...who knows maybe she will change when Baby Jones is born although she had a HUGE tantrum when she asked if we were going to find out the sex...practically jumping up and down saying we are RUINING THE SUPRISE so I laughed and told her we wouldnt tell her then image

    Glad your MIL was well behaved, roll on boxing day eh!


  • Er yesimageThat would be me.List obsessive,but I was pregnant.

    Hope everyone MILS  change for the better.They just need to know their place,they can't expect to call the shots and run the show,but they're welcome to join in if they play nicely.

    Rach,I'd keep up with when we have another comments.If she's something to say let her say it to your face or have the manners to hold her tongue.I think nearly a year of next to no contact has made mine think a little .At least I hope it's for real.

  • mine just had the mother of all sulks, problems with there new pub so she sullked all weekend, complained frankie and bennys was too loud, then too dark and so on, in the end we abandoned them in town, we call the shots now, and we make it clear
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