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Newbie here

Hi guys,

Newbie here, proud (teen)mom of my little Zooey. It's good to be part of this community, has a lot of useful infos and hope I could be of great help too. Nice meeting everyone.

Also just wanna share this sweet angel here that's for sure gonna melt your hearts.



  • Hi there!

    I'm also new to the site! Have a lot to learn so have been introduced to this site by a friend of mine who is expecting her first at the moment! I'm hoping to follow in her footsteps but before i do i'm looking fwd to talking to ladies in the same situation as me and others with more experience as i would really like to start TTC within the year!
  • hi guys i am new here and its my first post see you guys in future.
  • Hi all, I'm a newbie too! We've only been ttc for a month so very early days

    x x
  • Hi all

    Am a newbie here, have started TTC 2 months ago. Still early days but keeping fingers crossed image
  • Hello ladies, welcome to you all, this site is full of lovely helpful people who will vary from first time to fourth/fifth time around. Don't be afraid to ask any questions however daft they may seem, there are others who have been there or maybe thinking the same as you. Ask away, and if we can help we will
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