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Im back!!!!

Hello girls!

well its been the longest 6months of my life, how are you all, how are the bumps, babies toddlers and older doing?? do we have any new additions??

I finally have a new laptop and o2 broadband so i can use it wherever, and harass you lot.

ive had an eventfull year, in not very good ways, its been up and down and a bit of a rollercoaster of emotions.

we moved on march 1st, a week later my grandma fell ill and was diagnosed with terminal cancer, with just 6mnths life expectancy, by some small miracle the chemo actually shrank her tumour, which was very very unexpected and shes recently had radiotherapy and we will know how thats worked in a few weeks, and the 6mnth mark is here and shes as strong as an ox!!!

in may my baby brother died, Jacob, we are all still healing and its unreal how much its affected me.

after jacob died my mum asked me to stay for a while, and after a car accident and the replacement car breaking we were grounded for 3 weeks, and well, we never left, we are staying at my mums and house hunting back home in suffolk, its been a pretty tough time as the house of our dreams was snached away at the last minute, our house in leicester is up for sale and life is unbelievably chaotic and unpredictable, sometimes it gets on top of me but generally we are happy,

Jack has come on leaps and bounds, he is barely reconisable to the boy he was at christmas, he is amazing and talking so so much, lola never shuts up either and is a complete madam, she is boss everywhere she goes and exceptionally strong willed,

anyway thats me, im so glad to be back i have missed you!!!


  • WELCOME BACK X X image We have missed you x
  • Welcome back. Did you miss us all?
  • i missed this site so much, i like its here, i 'know' everyone.

    how are you jo, and all the pontypines, are they enjoying the summer holiday?

    how are yours audrey? enjoying the holiday? or wishing it was over, i know i am, jack cant wait to start preschool.

    ill bet theyve all grown up loads now. my two have changed so much in such a short time!

    Merlin and Jack must be one or coming up one now???

  • Jack is almost 15 months (on the 18th) and running and climbing and wrecking! He had his MMR injections yesterday, so hopefully he'll not be sick.  He still doesn't sleep very well at night, although the odd night he will, but mostly not.  How are Jack and Lola?
  • Jack and lola are great, changing almost everyday now!

    jacks starting preschool in september, he cant wait although im not sure he fully understands the whole being left bit, but he already knows a little girl there so im hoping that will help, he finally started talking in april, and now i really miss the silence, he sayes so so much, its still weird hearing him, hes been doing work books this holiday as were staying at my mums, he wants to do work like my sister, so hes been tracing letters and matching shapes, and im hoping hes getting there. We also put him on a reward chart as his behaviour was becoming a bit past cheeky and more naughty and apart from perfect bedtimes, we have cracked it, he messes around a bit every night, but once hes asleep hes asleep so i cant complain, hes still excited at sharing a room with my brother while we house hunt. Hes also a HUGE buzz lightyear fan, and has to eat out of his toystory bowl, use his toystory cup, use the towel and so on, his birthday came at the perfect time really!

    Lola finally slept through the night in a cot at 15mnths, before i never managed to even put her into the cot at all but when we moved i decided enough was enough and did her bedtime as i did jacks, the first night she cried for 10mins and then it was as if wed been doing it forever, now she will sleep anywhere at all, aslong as she has her fluffy and her music, i never ever thought that would happen. Shes found her voice too, and is racing up behind jack with how much she sayes, but she still seems like such a baby, maybe its because shes the youngest, i dont know, it could be the lack of hair lol!

    We do still have quite a few dummy and comforter issues with them both, theyre complete addicts, by i stand by my choice to leave them alone until they are settled at the new house, whats effectively 3moves in less than a year is a bit much for two wee ones.

    ive been trying to post some recent photos but cant find them on my laptop for some reason, ill try again later xxxx

  • HI Laura, glad to see that you are back, and im sorry that you have had a tough few months image  sometimes life is hard work, but fingers crossed you get some good things happening for you and your family!
  • Hi Laura. Sounds like a busy time for you.Hope things get better for you from now on and that you get your dream house soon.I hate moving house,we are NEVER doing it again.Pleased to hear your Grandma's still doing well.Obviously made of strong stuff.

    Lovely to hear Jack and Lola are doing so well.Once they start talking they don't stop.Must be nice for your two having Charlie and Tom to play with too.

    We're just back from a fortnight camping trip,the entire house is upside down while I try to sort out the camping gear that's filling the playroom,catch up with the washing and get a meal on the table of a night.Usual chaos really,while Mum's busy,why not decorate the bathroom with toothpaste and get every toy out that has lots of little pieces.

    Harry's off to grammar school in a fortnight,that's been his dream school for years now.Fantastic school,excellent facilities,and he'll be going to school with kids who want to learn and do something with their brain rather than just mess about,so hopefully he'll do well there.Very posh school though and the uniform costs a fortune.Why three kinds of PE kit and different shoes with each kit I don't know.Made me laugh though,they all have to play the recorder as part of their lessons.Ear plugs on the shopping list too,there's no worse sound than amateur recorder squeaking.The others are doing well too,new school was just the ticket with Erin and Arthur and Whirly starts nursery in September too,she's so excited.Matilda hasn't realised she's not going too yet,she's going to miss her best friend.Merlin's nearly 15 months,no interest in walking yet,saying a few words too,not all of them my choice.Whirly taught him to boo and hiss,and he does a mean impression of a border collie bark,thanks to the farmer's dog who thought the children were his new best friends on our camping trip .

    Well that's us,not doing a lot really.

    Chat soonimage

  • good to hear from you,

    Glad harrys finally going, i have my fingers crossed its everything he hoped, but 3 different kits and shoes!!! im hoping hes not the kind to loose pe kits regulary. And recorder, good luck with that my mum always said that was worse than me learning violin.

    i cant believe whirlys off to nursery, seems like yesterday she was the little one, i cant imagine how lola will take to jack going off to preschool in september, hes hers, she thinks she owns him, hes like her mr fix it when she cant do something or reach something etc, its sweet.

    merlins 15mnths!!! where did that go!!! wow! im sure lola was almost 16mnth when she finaly walked, i cant remember, bad mother, lol, im finally seeing the joys of the things older kids teach the little ones, lola has some interesting traits to say the least, what, no and bum being her favourite words this week, and screeching jack has a weeeeelly when were out, shes a real joy!! and her most recent display of embarassment was at a village fete, there was a childrens entertainer in a marque and she wanders up to the front to nose in the magicians hat, lifts her dress up and shoves her hand down her nappy, at this point andrew vanishes leaving me to do the walk of shame and remove her while her cousins and jack charley and tom shout lola leave ya mary alone.image

    im hoping for a no.3 in the near future too image

  • Leave your mary alone??????? CLASSICimage Love it ha ha
  • it was great, not, hearing all 5 of the others shout it at her, her face was a picture!

    i almost wish id been videoing just to show her when shes older

    cant upload pics so ive added them to my signature, hope theyre working

  • Aye you can tell your'e back,all new pics putting us to shame!!! Lovely those though Lau,I must try harder!!!!
  • its been 6mnths i had to update mine! although the pic i had of all 4 of us is still my favourite,

    im hoping to save up and get myself a nice proffessional camera, my auntie has one and i love getting my hands on it, it takes stunning photos, ive turned roo into a camera freak too, so now we have double the amount, the kids love us.

    i love the pic of your boys though rach, i never get any of my two interacting, they arent really that bothered by one another for play, except occasion face pulling in the car. its possibly because jack pals up with charley and lola and tom are very close,

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