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please help baby is always hungry and never sleep through

my baby boy is nearly 9 months old and has never slept through he still wake up wanting bottles it used to be 1 but as hes got older its got worse, he now wakes at 11, 1 and 3 on the dot then awake at 7.This all started when we started weening him it doesnt matter what iv tried he still wakes up.iv left him to cry he doesnt stop, iv given him juice he takes it but still wakes up again, iv watered his milk down(night time ones) he wakes up more frequently for more bottles

he now goes to nursery 2 days a week still that doesnt help, he eats more in nursery than at home hes has rice krispies toast and banana for breakfast pasta or shepards pid ect for dinner followed by fruit then a yoghurt at 3 and then a tea as wlel usualy a sandwhich followed by fruit and a yoghurt this is with a 5oz bottle at 6am 1pm and pm then one befor bed at 8!! its like he cant sleep unless stuffed! he was weighed 2 weeks ago and was 19 pounds still following this 50th percentille never moved from it but iv tried everything to make him sleep it never works.Im really getting to the end of my nerve now!! has any body else had anything like this!! thanks sara


  • Hi, I'm not sure if I can help but I feel your pain. My daughter was extremely unsettled until she got onto solids. She's only 4 months old and already 18lb which makes me think your little man is needing all of this food cos he's so small? Just guessing there. My daughter has milk at each feed too and three meals a day plus milk at bed time and then she sleeps til 7am from 7pm. She went through a stage where she was waking up every hour in the night and would use feeds to get back to sleep. We broke this by leaving her for a few minutes then going in to her and soothing her but not picking her up just rubbing her belly and talking to her softly then leaving her. If she still didn't settle we would give her a dummy but this was a last resort. She never goes down with a dummy but have you tried this just for a break and to see if he's feeding to get back to sleep? After a few nights she stopped waking and would get herself back to sleep should she wake. Also, do you do the same routine for bed? We have a rigid hot bath, bottle and book for bed and it relaxes her for bed. Perhaps bring his bedtime forward to 7pm or 7:30pm and see if this gets him into a deeper sleep? I'm just guessing here with things we've done to get her to sleep through. I hope maybe one of them works for you. Have you spoken with your health visitor about it?

    Good luck.
  • i would think by this age its probably more of a comfort thing than that hes acctually hungry, have you asked the HV if there is anyone in your area that does sleep training, this is a great resorce if you have it,

    personally i think the best option is cold turkey, no bottle anywhere near the bedroom, how long did you do controlled crying for? its really hard and does take time and you need to not give up or you just go back to square one if your doing that. we have probelms with our toddler at the mo as we have had another baby, we were doing controlled crying as he wouldnt go to bed and it was going well until my hubby started to sit with him then we has to start from scratch as he thought he could get our attention then,

    hope you get some sleep soon!
  • I had exactly the same with my little boy! I put up with it for 11 months of B/F through the night (sometimes up to 8 times!!) and one night I broke down and thought enough is enough. I stopped the B/F and controlled cried him. Within a week he was sleeping through!

    Sleep is a cycle and only you can break it. Everyone kept telling me to stop feeding and leave him but I couldnt do it until I was ready.............. and ready to break down!! lol

    Just do what you feel is right for you at the time, but be consistent so he's not confused.

    Good Luck, Good Luck

    Rachel xx
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