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Unplanned, Number 6, Feeling Old :(

Hi image

Im 11 weeks with number 6 and am feeling terrible! Just saying hello and hoping theres some other 35 plus mums out there to chat with xx


  • Hiya!

    I am 37 but this is my first!!! So not in quite the same position as you!

    I am worried however that I am too old to be having number 1 (we were ttc for 3 years), as feel kinda knackered even when not pregnant.

  • Hi image

    Congratulations on the baby, Nature is a bit cruel isnt it, Im a much more patient and thoughtful mother now (had 1st when I was 18) but as you rightly say knackered, Im sure youll be fine and have just enough energy for the baby when it arrives. Have you had any screening/ testing for Down Syndrome etc?? Is such a worry this time image x
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