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Mothers day

Just wondering what plans you all have for this Mothers Day?
Will you be lavished with gifts,have breakfast in bed or do you prefer homemade gifts from the kids?
Will you be spending it alone and dislike Mothers day
Drop us a line and start a discussion going.


  • Hi Rachel,I'm hoping for a lie-in. Nothing more nothing less,that would be a real treat. I assume by the glitter that was on the dining tale,they have made me a card,which I can't wait to open!!!!!! After my laze in bed of course!!!!!!!!
  • Hi Mummabear, how are you and your three boys? All good I hope!

    Yes I agree a lie in or a break from some chores would be great.......... but neither of those will happen!   Harry made me a card at the childminders which is sweet.

    Hope everyone has a good day.

  • I was woke up this morning at 9am with all my prezzies (which i purchased) so i had to act shocked!
    My son made me a card at school with a volcano on the front with the words inside saying "You are the volcano that explodes in my heart mum" so so sweet.
    As soon as i opened my box of Roses that was it id lost them wrappers all over the bed and i was left with ones no body likes....i did though get a cup of tea in bed from my eldest son (had to ask though)
    By the time i did get up the kids were complainig that breakfast was late and the cat was screaming to go out...Happy Mothers Day everyone....How are you spending yours?
  • I didn't have to get up to feed the chldren this morning, their dad fed them, then I got my flowers, chocs and cards in bed.  Got up, got breakfast and a shower, then we went to Church, as the children were putting on a thing in Church.  Then I made lunch, then Oh went to bed with Jack while I went shopping.  I know, I should have went to bed while he went shopping, but I also had to visit my mum.

    No housework though!

  • Same day as always for me, up at 6ish with Harry, DH in bed til 830 ish !!!!!

    housework, ironing a grumpy harry (tired from long day yesterday bless him) and cooked roast dinner - I did get a card and he has just gone out to buy bottle of red wine - finally just sat down and drinking a glass  hey ho!!!

    Work tomorrow - the joys!!!

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