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Please can I have someone's advice or personal experiences...

Ok so 10-17 jan I had a week long bleed because I forgot to take pills. I then stopped taking the pill for 28 days and I bled on 14 feb and I started my pill 3 days later due to work reasons. 

Then on the 28(which is one I should of ovulated) feb I had a really dull ache near my hip bone so I took at test at 2100 it came back positive 1-2 since conception. It was a clear blue. 

took one the next day negative and the next three days all negative.

i stoped taking my pill on the 28 soon as I had a positive test.

Now im bleeding, just spotting and belly ache no clots or anything.

Could I be pregnant, when I tested after my positive the next few days i was drinking a lot of fluids so I could test maybe the result is diluted Because it's so early? And the bleeding now could it be because I haven't taken my pill in 4 days? 

Please please please can I have someone's advice I would appreciate it so much. 



  • Very difficult to say. The only way you'll know for sure is to go to the doctors and get a blood test. 

    I had a chemical pregnancy in August - had positive tests but they slowly started getting lighter rather than darker. I went to the doctor who confirmed low hormone levels and a week later started bleeding. 

    however I wasn't on the pill or anything so really I don't know In your case. Best advice I can give is to see if you can get a blood test x

  • Sorry to hear that!

    Thank you for your reply I will xxx

  • If it was a chemical pregnancy how long would HCG levels stay in my body? Xxx

  • They drop pretty quickly - basically a doctor takes a blood test and if you are pregnant then they take another one and check if your hormone levels are rising properly. If they aren't then it's likely to be a chemical. 

    How has the bleeding been since?

  • with the bloods they take one lot then you go back 48 hours for more if they have gone up your pregnant if they are dropping then its likely to be chemical or a m/c i suffered 2 m/c in 2013 and mine went up but then started to drop when i started to bleed/spot.

    i would retest a week after your first test you should get an answer if you have already had a poisitve 1-2 week pregnant on clear blue

  • Thank you both for your replys I have been bleeding with a small clot but is that due to coming off the pill half way through my pack when I had a positive: 

    ive as a blood test and it was below a certain level so they had to class it as negative but there as HCG there the doc said it could just be to early to see and there could be hope.

    i mean it might not come up in a blood test yet, it did say 1-2 weeks since conception that is very very early. 

    fingers crossed its good news soon xx

  • Can any 1 help me?

    My last period was Nov 6 it was late and I had sex 11th dec it's been 9 days since I had un protected sex my chest is sore my stomach has been having cramps and im blooted I'm tieried all  the time

    I still didn't get my period. Since I came off the pill I had um regular,

    how long after conception can I take a test any1 no ? Did this happin to u?

    On my 1st child I took lots of test and they all came back negitive then I was about to do a sunbed and said id take 1 more incase it said pregnant so not sure I took a test this morning and it came back negitive is it 2 early to test?

    can any1 help does any1 no how long from conception can u test it's been 9 days since I had sex 

    some1 else said 14 days from conception is this true? That he Xmas day be a nice saprise for my partner can any plz help? 

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