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My baby has silent reflux . Has anyone any good ideas for it. We tried a craniologist but she still has it just as bad . 


  • Have you tried adding a thickener to the milk or using anti reflux milk? That's what we had to do with our youngest but she just grew out of it in the end x

  • We are using gaviscon it works alright but then there is constipation  poor child 

  • my som had it o the point where he was having fits and we couldnt explain. now my prem daughter had it she is on gavison and a milk thickener but basicay iv been told t put up with it grrrr

  • Hi, If it is really bad, make an appointment with your GP and maybe ask for a referral. My little boy was seen at a local hospital clinic as he suffered terribly with it and was prescribed Ranitidine which really helped. x

  • i had gaviscon n it made my lil girl constipated was told by a nurse 0.5 ml of freshly squeezed orange with 15mn water... iv since taken her off it and just been prescribed carobel milk thickener not tried it yet but will let u all know x

  • Carobel is good but use sparingly it's very gloopy and made the milk too thick to go through the teat unless I watered it down lol x

  • Hi just a bit of help needed my son on nutramigen and gaviscon and his symptoms have come back being sick and irritable. Any suggestions please at my wits end 

  • My daughter also had silent reflux. I didn't even know it existed until my hv suggested it. I just thought she was a whingy baby, felt quite bad when it turned out she was actually in pain 😱. We put her on reflux comfort milk, which made a big difference. She has a pillow in her cot too. 

    hope you sort your lo one out soon. It can drive you to the edge xxx

  • Hi thanks for your response and yeah it does drive you to the edge. Just fret that he not getting enough milk if keeps being sick   Hope your lo is ok? Xx

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