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30th Birthday present on a small budget

It's my sisters 30th birthday today, I'm not going to see her until tomorow which is when I'm going into town.

She got married on Saturday so put money in her card for that, spent a small fortune on the run up to the wedding - outfits etc and the actual day we spent a fortune so are totally skint.

I feel bad not buying her something special with it being her 30th but I've got no money so need ideas of what I can get her that doesn't make me look like a cheapskate.

Budget of about £20 [tight ar$e icon]


  • Well, she should recognise that you've spent out a lot of money one way or another recently and £20 is enough to buy something nice.

    How about a scarf, or a photo frame (if you took any photos at the wedding you could put one in the frame), posh toiletries - you can get sets of Moulton Brown for about that - her favourite mascara, lipstick, foundation, nail polish, nice pair of earrings.

  • Great minds, Cedar, I've just been looking at collage photo frames on the Next website and am going to do her a photo frame, I think she'll love it :0)

  • It's not a lot of time SW, but for Hs 40th I bought a photo album and filled it with photos of him from baby up till his 40th, also significant events, like Ms scan photo and stepsons 1st photos (didn't have his scan photo), he was chuffed with it, and as I got photos from MIL it didn't cost much x

    Did you post pics of the wedding? Sounded like a really nice day x

  • That's a lovely idea weekender but yeah, not a lot of time - I haven't been very prepared and baby photos will be in my mam's loft so can't get to them.

    I think she'll like the collage photo frame I've ordered from Next and I'll print some pics off and get her some chocolates or flowers and hopefully it won't look like I've been a cheapskate ha ha.

    I haven't posted any pics yet, I dropped my camera and smashed the lens (that was before I'd even had a few drinks) so need to get my sisters camera/memory card as I used hers for the rest of the day.

  • The collage photo frame sounds lovely. I'm sure that plus some flowers or chocolates will be enough. Lets face it, she's just had a nice big celebration with the wedding!

    Shame about your camera. I dropped mine a few months ago, but luckily it just bounced rather than broke.

  • groupon coucher for dinner?

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