Any plans for the weekend?

Have you got anything exciting/interesting going on over the weekend?

I'm at work today, then H is nightshift tonight, so not much going on in our house tonight.

Tomorrow I need to pop to Asda once H has finished work, then I'll go to the gym.  H is taking J to the match on the aftenoon so I'll do something with E, then she's got a friend coming over for tea and to sleepover so that will keep her occupied for the night.  Saturday night will be drinks and trash telly for me and H.

Sunday morning E is at dancing and J is at football.  Sunday afternoon will be an afternoon watching the football (well mostly H) with a few beers then a take away once kids are in bed - don't want to be sharing with them Laugh


  • Pretty quiet weekend.

    Today, I want to get the housework done, so I don't have to bother over the weekend. Take away with H tonight. Just upgraded to fibre, so H has been taking full advantage, and has downloaded a load of films, so we will make a start on watching those.

    Got H's kids tonight, but will be talking them back tomorrow. My Mum is having my 2, so I think H and I are going shopping, then for a meal in the evening.

    I made myself a crocheted bag, which My friend loved, and has asked for one for her 4 yr old, so I want to get that done.

    Hope everyone has a nice weekend.

  • Thank you for reminding me it's Friday!!!

    Good work on keeping the takeout for the growed-ups SW!

    AK - fancy posting a pic of the bag? I've never tried crocheting but people I know who do it absolutely love the results.

    Tonight, hope to be up to a meal out with my boys. Tomorrow I am supposed to be making this darned bench seat cover and sewing our wedding bunting together. Both my men leave for work at 1pm and aren't back until I am in bed so I have a serious chunk of me-time :)

    Sunday will be tidying and cleaning most of the day, interspersed with sit-downs for feet up, have a couple of books I have abandoned and would like to finish. A day off hasn't been a day off for yonks so hoping to be very lazy Sunday (in between chores!)

  • L has a friend round after school, hes really excited as its his first playdate.

    tomorrow we are having some friends and their kids over the the evening for a pizza and games night

    on sunday i think hubbys out to watch footie in the afternoon so he will probably  take the kids to the park in the morning to give me a break too.

  • Tomorrow I'm taking F (6) to the cinema with my friend and her daughter to watch Tinkerbell. Then Pizza Hut and maybe a spot of shopping. Sunday I have no idea yet, if the weather is good we'll be out somewhere, depending on the kids as it seems like they are coming down with something.

  • it's supposed to be dry so on Saturday we might go back to the zoo where we have an annual pass.

  • I've been to the hairdressers this morning. This evening we'll be at home relaxing.

    Tomorrow morning I'll be taking my daughter to her swimming lessons as normal. H is going out in the afternoon/evening so it will be just the two of us. Don't know what we'll do yet, see what she's in the mood for doing. We could go out somewhere or she may just want to potter at home.

    On Sunday I think the weather is going to be nice so I'm going to suggest we go out somewhere for the day.

  • AK hope tonight isn't too chaotic with the SK's staying over.  Hope you managed to get your housework done and have a nice meal with H tomorrow.

    Counter enjoy your 'me' time and hope you manage to get some time to read.

    Sleepy hope L enjoyed his play date.  Tomorrow sounds like fun.

    Frankie hope you enjoy the cinema and the kids aren't coming down with anything.

    Carole I wish we had a zoo, hope the weather stays fine.

    Cedar have a lovely family day on Sunday.

  • Tonight will be a quiet night in. Tomorrow H is off sea fishing with friends for the day, so I'll be taking the children out on a nice long walk to make the most of the nice weather, then I've promised them bacon sandwiches when we get back. Sunday will be a day of doing jobs and baking - we're picking up our new Kenwood Chef so we'll be fighting to see who gets to use it first! We've also got the vicar coming round to sort out N's christening, if it's like usual he'll be here hours as he does love to chat!

  • I'd like to see a flash of the bag too AK.

    I need to write my next uni assigment. I also need to plan a CPD session and do some school work. Also hope to do some art work. Got lots of ideas, but struggling with time to get them done!

    H and I may go out for dinner tomorrow night. And if it's nice we may go out for a walk.

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