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What car do you drive now?

What was your first car?

List cars in order of having them.




  • Laugh Can't wait for Nina's list Laugh

  • Mercedes C350 TDI

    Ford Fiesta

    Ford Fiesta,

    Mercedes C200 Kompressor,

    Mercedes C350 TDI

  • What car do you drive now? Ford SMax

    What was your first car? Mini Metro (998 engine, was likea  hair dryer on wheels, how I loved that car!)

    List cars in order of having them.


    Ford Orion

    Ford Fiesta

    Ford Escort GTI

    Ford Fiesta

    Ford SMax

    BMW 5 Series

    Mercedes B Class

    Ford SMax


    obviously this doesn't include Robs list of cars which as you know is as long as your arm!


  • I drive a corsa, its silver and I know nothing else about it other than that, h drove an Astra, navy blue, no idea of its stats/engine size etc. he's getting rid of that though so he's currently researching other cars ATM,

    My first car was a green MG

    Erm no clue really but afaik

    Green MG

    Grey MG (after green mg got written off)

    Purple Astra

    Navy blue Astra

    Ford fiesta (navy blue and known as the mule as it was a million years old but seemed to drive perfectly fine in snow when our Astra coukdnt)

    Got rid of the mule and got the corsa

  • Laugh

    I am going to do Rob's now too

    Escort GTI

    Ford Orion


    Ford Fiesta.....some sporty model

    Escort GTI

    Some kind of Rover

    Ford Mondeo

    Ford Focus

    Ford Focus RS

    BMW 3 Series

    Ford Focus


    We are a car salesmans dream aren't we....


  • I want a Nissan figarro though but h won't let me as apparently parts are hard to come by!

  • Nina I daren't even start on H's list, I'd take up hundreds of pages!

  • Think my list will be considerably shorter!

    Currently drive a Renault Scenic

    First car was a C reg Ford Fiesta

    Then an L reg Ford Fiesta

    Ford Escort

    Peugeot 206 (which H now drives)

    Then the Scenic.

  • Wow Nina, that's quite a few!

    What car do you drive now? Peugeot 307 - looking to change it very soon - I've had it 5 years now which is the longest I've ever owned a car, in fact seen a Peugeot 308 that I like the look of!

    What was your first car? Citroen AX

    List cars in order of having them.

    Citroen AX

    Another, but much newer Citroen AX

    Peugeot 206

    MG ZR (hated it!)

    Peugeot 307

  • Mine are

    Mini metro

    Clio silver

    Clio navy

    Peugeot 206

    BMW 3series

    Ford fiesta

    Boring cars for me!

  • Well the Mercedes was a mistake, I only had it 4 months but other than that what can I say, I like cars! Laugh and Ford's! although I would like another 5 series at the moment I think Rob is going to buy a 3 series and I will keep my Mummy Bus, I do love the SMax.

  • Dd I think we had the ZR, our green one drove like a dream so we got the grey one when it got written off and there was nothing but issues with it

  • What car do you drive now?  Black Astra 1.6

    What was your first car?  First car was a red Fiesta.

    List cars in order of having them

    Red Fiesta

    Purple Renault Cleo

    Silver Astra

    Black Astra

  • Your Smax is like a spaceship!

  • I don't drive, but we have a BMW 320d. Before that we had some sort of Mazda.

  • Belle

    What car do you drive now? - Audi TT

    What was your first car? - Rover Metro

    List cars in order of having them.

    Rover Metro

    Nissan Micra

    Vauxhall Tigra

    Hundai Coupe

    Honda Civic Sport

    Audi A3 Sportsback (which we still have but H has it now and I took the TT! Laugh)


     I couldn't do H's car's either, he must have had at least 20!

  • Mine are all relatively boring - currently sharing a Nissan Quashqai with H.

    My first car was a pegeout 206, and then a Seat Ibiza sport (which was my favourite).

  • Gosh my list is so small in comparison!

    First Car Donald - Ford Fiesta H reg was my granny's car

    Second Car - Penelope - Nissan Micra - been living with my sisters since 2008 - still living in hope I will get well enough to drive again...

  • I've only had two cars. My Ford Ka, which I had from new and learned to drive in. I had that from 2003 until 2011, when I got my Hyundai i20.

  • I drive a ford c max now.

    In order

    red almera

    blue almera

    golf gt tdi (my favourite)

    Renauly scenic which died a horrible death.

    Vauxhall astra. Also died a horrible death.

    Now the C max. I love it. Share it with H as he has a van for work.

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