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Do you give to charity?

and if so which one and why?

I donate to VSO each month, mainly because I think it's something that helps a diverse group of people. We do charity collections at work every 6-8 weeks so I usually throw something in the bucket. H donates to shelter and guide dogs, mainly because he thinks they do a good job and he thinks having a house and independance should be a given for anyone. I do the shoebox appeal at christmas too. But I never ring up the telephone numbers that are advertised on the TV sometimes for charities. And I tend not to fill those bags much anymore as we get so many through the door.


  • I don't donate to any particular charity on a regular basis but do donate in other ways like buying at cake/jumble sales where proceeds go to charity, buy lots of raffle tickets, buy stuff of people who come door to door, F's school are always asking for donations for stuff they're doing, I sponsor people who are doing stuff to raise money for charity, that kind of thing, I give stuff to charity shops etc.

  • I throw change into buckets.

    Shop in charity shops, and give to charity shops.

    Sponsor people.

    Bake/make/give things to C's school for their charities.

    My newest "thing" is making tiny hats and blankets, which are donated to hospitals around the country, for prem and sleeping babies.

  • I don't make a regular donation, but there are lots of events at school which I donate for, both money and prizes, and there are certain donations I always make each year such as the Poppy Appeal. H and I also donate a lot of time, I'm on the school PTA, H is a scout leader and I'm on the executive committee for the Scout group as well.

  • I sponsor a dog with the dogs trust and I put money in charity boxes/collection tins for all kinds of charities.

  • We sponsor a little girl in the Philippines with Plan, and we also donate monthly to Save the Children. I usually chuck a bit of money to my old uni, they call me up a couple of times a year and it's just easier to agree!

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  • Yes, I feel that giving charity is service to god and I also feel that helping poor and needy is also a great service to god. Along with praying for poor people we should also help them by going on a mission humanitaire (, which will help in educating the poor people and creating a social awareness within them.

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