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Fashion - Leather trousers

Hi all. I went out Saturday and wore black leather trousers with a cream camisole and black blazer and killer heels. It looked good together - but I am now not sure what else I can wear the leather trousers with?!!

Can i wear them casual with converse? If so, what top?

They are skinny with a zip at the ankle, from Next. I really like them but am now worrying I have no other outfits to pair them with!



  • Defitely dress them down with cons, or ankle boots, a simple tee or baggy jumper.

    I'm having the opposite problem I have leather look leggings to wear Saturday night but no top to go with and I'm struggling!

  • I wore mine with a really simple cream cami and a big sparkly necklace and really went to town on my make up - plum lips in fact. Is this an option?

  • I still need to buy myself a strapless bra before I contemplate a cami, plus they are leggings so not ideal if waistband is on display. Love the look though so am tempted to try. Where was your cami from? I have zero time to shop.

  • Topshop, none of the others I've got or seen have fitted as well as my topshop one!

    So do you want a long line one? I have a sleeveless cream sheer blouse with a gold collar which I am planning to wear them with at some point too - something like that?

  • I don't know what I want Rod that's my problem. I had a peplum top sorted but it looks shite. I've been eyeing up a few tops in Miss Selfridge and River Island

  • I am loving River Island lately, I'm sure you will find something. I saw a lovely sheer blouse/shirt with beading on it in Next too.

  • It seems to me that you can combine leather pants with simple and concise t-shirts, for example.
  • I think a T-shirt with an individual design would be perfect for you, because now all T-shirts are of the same type, and indeed, everyone walks like from an incubator, so I think a great solution is a T-shirt with embroidery. By the way, you can order it on Printful. I highly recommend this site, because there is price = quality. I think that T-shirt with some laconic embroidery will be so good with leather pants.
  • leather pants still remain a basic element of the wardrobe, the main thing is that there are no very bright highlighting elements 

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