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Gah - people wanting to view the house

I know I should be pleased but part of me thinks it'll be another set of time wasters who haven't sold their property yet but they'll like the property and we won't move any further forward and was looking forward to jsut chilling out with the kids this week and now I will ahve to runa round undoing the damage they have done in a few hours. Plus I was trying to doa  bit of a 'spring clean' this week and have started emptying the cupboards to sort and take things to the tip/charity shop etc And breathe.... Def getting ratehr fed up of the hosue bign on the market!


  • Really hope it someone who's in a position to move and they really love your house! x

  • Thank you! It sends me into a dreadful spin when they ring up and say someone wants to view the property - its hard not to feel the potential of a sale compared with the despair of wasted time!

    A neighbour ahs jsut popped across and can't believe how little our house is on the market for. Hers sold for a higher price and is smaller but she took it off the market when her sister died.

  • Oh QI, I do hope they are people that have no chain or have already got buyers. Chin up, it will sell!

  • Fingers crossed it is a successful viewing for you

  • Can you ask the agents about the viewers and what position they're in.

    When we looked around our current house we hadn't put our old one on the market. But as soon as we viewed the house we knew we liked it & put ours on the market a week later. It sold in two weeks. So even if they're not in a position to move when they look around doesn't mean things still can't move forward. Try to be positive.

  • It is hard to be positive though RC when everyone that sees it likes it but needs to sell theirs first. The last to view it has had their house on the market for 6 months nowSad They saw ours decided they loved it and put theirs on the market.

  • I know it is and  we were very lucky but it will sell. The house we have bought was on the market for close to a year and had had one sale fall through before we saw it.

  • It will happen QI raincloud is right although I know it feels like it will never happen at the moment. When we sold ours we sold it to an odd couple who first viewed it months and months previously but just wanted to think about it for a while!!  

    Fingers crossed for this viewing.

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