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How does Tesco Clubcard work?

We've just started shopping with tesco's online. And I wondered how the Tesco Clubcard vouchers works?

I'd like to be able to save all the vouchers up and spend them in one go at Christmas? How do I go about doing this?

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  • you just dont spend the vouchers.

    you get sent them quarterly and you canspend them, or use them online for get more for you money

  • One thing I will say is if you spend them in store you get the face value. Sometimes they have offers where you can double them, but if you spend them on other things like hotels, alton towers tickets etc.. you get much more for your money i.e £12.50 worth of vouchers for a day pass to Alton Towers compared to the normal price of £46.20.

  • Oh ok, how do you get them to part pay for something? Do I phone up? And how do you find out what they can go towards?

    With saving them up, if I had £20 of vouchers, and didn't spend them, would they be carried over for next time? and so on and so on?

    Thanks for the replies!

  • This is the link to see what you can get

    To buy the vouchers you need to register online I think, they may do it on the phone but I don't know. I find this easier anyway because they list all your voucher numbers on there so if you lose the actual voucher it's not a problem.

    The vouchers have an expiry date on them which is usually a few years away so you can save them up. You can use them as part payment in the shop but not for tickets etc.. So to be clear if you only had £10 worth of vouchers and you wanted to buy an Alton Towers ticket at £12.50 you couldn't, but if your grocery shop instore was £20 you could pay for £10 of it with vouchers. However if your voucher was worth £20 and you bought a ticket online you'd get the change in voucher IYSWIM.

  • The vouchers have a really good lifespan on them (over a year I think) so you can save them for quite some time. You'll get sent emails telling you when they're doing a double up deal but there's normally one around october/November time. We used loads last Christmas plus nectar ones that we'd collected at homebase, online with Expedia etc so worth checking where else with both of them you can claim points and get them everywhere you can

  • You can opt to save your vouchers through the year and get them all at Christmas, I started doing it last year. You log into your club card account to do it.

  • Thanks for the link and info all.

    Debbydoo- that's exactly what I want to do, am I right in thinking you can use the Clubcard vouchers on Tesco Direct?

  • yeh like DD says im a xmas saver, i get them all in november, it works out that i never pay for any xmas food or drink.

    i live on my tesco credit card and clear it in full each month, so i get clubcard points for every pound on the card,

    then we do all our shopping and petrol purchases from tesco

    i normally earn about 200 a year in clubcard money, then i can double some of it up at xmas depending on the departments they include in the double up.

  • Thanks all. I've changed my preferences to the Christmas Savers Big Smile so we'll get all of our vouchers in November. I think that's the best choice for us.

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