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MIL Rant

She is a f*cking pain in the ar$e and I can't be bothered with her.  She picked E up after school and has just brought her home.  She was all nicey nice and said she had bought the kids a hoodie each.  She gave me Js and I told her he already had that one but I could take it back to asda and exchange it.  E had hers on and it looked far to small for her and said so, E agreed that it was too tight.  MIL totally changed and snapped fine give me them both and I'll take them back  I said it wasn't a problem I could do it so E could try one on so it fit and she stormed off  without saying bye and slammed the garden gate so hard it flew back open again.  She's a fecking fruit loop and I can't be bothered with her pettiness.  I feel like texting her and telling her I wasn't trying to offend her but it's not my fault J already has the same one and Es wouldn't of lasted a few weeks.


  • I hate my mother in law, she is truly nuts! Maybe we could start a club!

  • Makes me glad I have never met mine.

    Nice of her to buy them though.

  • VIvixen god she is a total nut job. My h has practically cut ties with her.  Only speaks to her about the kids.

    AK I'm jealous. I've dropped hints about her not buying stuff cos she usually buys horrible stuff.  She once bought this hideous coat from the charity shop  I don't buy from the charity shop and she knows that, I told her it was awful and she went in a huff for weeks, you would think she was Es age not a sixty odd year old woman.

  • See if that was my mil I'd just have said thanks then exchanged them myself.  Like I do with a lit if gifts lol.  Her reaction was a bit extreme though!

  • I have done that in the passed Ally but then she always asks where the things are.  Once when E was little she bought her this hideous red velvet dress. I took it, said thanks and put it in the drawer knowing she would never wear it, thankfully it was far too big and I kept fobbing her off but she went on and on about it I had to put it on her and I swore never again would I say I liked something when I didn't.

  • I feel your pain. I would just try and forget it for now, I wouldn't bother texting either.

  • Thanks AlsiT I'm not going to text, I'm over fuming, it's laughable the way she goes on really.

  • Totally not worth the stress! She obviously felt like having a drama.

    Onwards and upwards, roll on the weekend Big Smile

  • Obviously and I was her target, idiot.

    Yep, looking forward to the weekend ahead. Have you resisted having any booze?

  • Yes but it is hard! It is mainly the fatty booze i am avoiding so wine and beer. I may allow myself a wee rum tomorrow (if I eat well) as it is my only treat and I am useless at staying off it.... or I may surprise myself.

  • Well done, I'm doing well on my second fast day but I am planning on having some booze tomorrow.

  • You have done really well to fast the two days, well done and just don't go crazy tomorrow! Night x

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