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PMT remedies?

Can anyone recommend any natural remedies for PMT? A few days before my period is due I gebeauties moody and have a "short fuse", I am looking for something natural that I can take to help me.


  • I've heard starflower oil and evening primrose oil are helpful although I'm not sure of doses or interactions with meds etc.. Maybe ask advice in Holland & Barratt?

  • Let me know how you get on. I'm on my third af since having E and I am such a witch at the moment. I've just shouted at my four year old to go away because she disturbed me putting E to bed, q two crying children. I'm horrible.

  • Chocolate works best here! .... On a serious note, apparently banana helps, my friend swears by it.

  • I found the chocolate helped me feel better after i'd made the kids cry. Is evening primrose oil for pmt?

  • Evening primrose helps a little. Wine is the best cure I find.

  • Hi, I would really love to help anyone with this terrible condition. I have had severe PMT also known as PMDD, since my first period - Aggressive mood swings, hopelessness, intense anger toward people, depression - around a week before my period and for 3 days from the start of it. I was terrified that one day I would hit someone during this time of the month. I lost friends. I walked out of a couple of jobs. Over the years I tried anti-depressants, evening primrose oil, good diet and exercise, no coffee/chocolate, etc you name it. The anti-depressant Citalopram that my GP prescribed me for 4 years gave me a heart murmur. Be cautious about taking synthetic drugs. Since I stopped taking the Citalopram my heart murmur has cleared up. Doctors don't always know the answers. Listen to your body. My husband did a lot of research to find something that would help me. He suggested I try DHEA which he initially imported from the U.S and later found a pharmacy in Auckland, NZ. I think it's called Pharmaceutical Compounding. From the first few days I started taking this it changed my mood completely. It was very noticeable to my family and to myself whereas prior to this I didn't realise when I had PMT until it was over, and then Oh the embarrassment and work I had to do to repair my relationships. I found that taking it at other times of the month make me feel overall positive and happy in my relationships. All of my symptoms have hugely reduced to the point where they are almost non-existent. I take 50mg daily but you can take what you need. It is not cheap but it gave me my life back, I just wish my parents had known about this 20 years ago and my life would have turned out differently. I lost a lot of opportunities because of this condition. So now that my wonderful husband has found something that finally works for me, I just want to let everyone know. I have had no side effects whatsoever on this supplement. Please do give it a try. I hope it will change your life like it has mine image

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