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Some shameless self promotion!

Hi all,

I run a food blog and I'm doing my best to get it out there into cyberspace...

Wondered whether you could take a look, see what you think and maybe share?!




  • Sorry can't do any of the above as it is already a tab that loads automatically and all my friends have seen it alreadyBig Smile

    Is it too sad to say it gets checked every day? I'll get my coat...

  • Blardyhell I've just eaten lunch and now I'm hungry again!

    Are you on Facebook/Twitter?

  • Hi Rod! Thanks for sharing. Are you after feedback? I have one thing to suggest, take it or leave it... Would you put the pictures of the finished dish at the top (maybe above ingredients?). I'm a picture person and like it when food blogs lure me in by having the photo at the top - once I've seen the photo I normally can't resist looking at the recipe etc!  

  • I should not have looked at that - your food looks so lovely, and I'm so hungry despite just having eaten my lunch!  

  • Sssh yes on Twitter and Facebook but as me, not RodsKitchen. On instagram as RodsKitchen.

    Pep I agree, am working on the photos aspect at the mo, trying to do better pics with more per recipe...etc...good tip.

    Deedee - thank you!!

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