...this is totally boring and insignificant in the grand scheme of things but I need to vent.

I took my car back to the dealer I bought it from just about a week ago now, I rejected it under SOGA because it was fault riddled and had been in the garage 7 times since I bought it. The dealership are being utter a*holes. I sent them the rejection letter in the latter part of May but they did nothing, I asked them to come and collect it but they refused. So I had to take a half day last week in order to get it back to them, was told no refund until they've investigated the car, not given a timescale of when I'd receive my refund, promised a phone call last Tuesday explaining what would happen which never came. So they have the car plus all my money at the moment.

I finally got a call from one of the partners on Friday evening after I chased by email and he told me he thought I had a good case - no sh*t sherlock - but he wanted to speak to Trading Standards today. I asked him why he hadn't spoken to TS before he spoke to me and he was really rude, telling me how I'd just have to wait until he had time to deal with it. Not heard from them yet today. I was going to give them until 2pm then call, the thought of which is stressing me out! If they won't refund then I'll take them to court, but I have no car and no money for a replacement in the meantime and I'm now having to turn down work.

Tried calling CAB today but they're too busy to take my anyone in the know on things like these your help would be gratefully received!



  • No advice but that's crap. I hope they agree to refund xxx

  • I wish I had some advice for you. I'm thinking that there might be a couple of legal people on OT hitched - I'd post over there too.

    Keep a record of all your missed earnings - this may be something you could also claim on if/when it goes to court.

    Really hope it's rectified before it comes to that sweetheart.

  • Surely they owe you a courtesy car or something?

  • No, apparently not. I think their advice is duff to be honest.

    Right, I summoned up the courage to call them. Since they've had it back the engine management light came on again, so yes it's a lemon. I can have my money back BUT they now want to skim some off the top for the time I've had it/mileage I've done. I'm not sure that's right?

  • How much we talking and how long til you get your money? I'd be inclined to agree so it's done and dusted as long as it's not a ridiculous amount. What car was it and where from?

  • Well as per usual the fella couldn't tell me how much when I was speaking to him, seems too much like hard work for him to give me a straight bloody answer, but he's promised to let me know what it will be today.

    I will N&S once I've got the money back in my account!

  • What a load of crap!!

    I agree it might be worth just settling if it's not too much, but what about all the hassle you've had having to take the car constantly to a garage, and now having to spend time finding another one - I'd have thought you should have the full amount back based on that!

  • I'd prefer to sand my ground but reality is you need a car. See what they offer and make a sensible decision.

  • I agree with Beez, getting a resolution is probably the best you can hope for.

    Maybe do a quick calculation of income you have lost and mileage to/from garages plus a fee for your inconvenience and try to negotiate, if you can face it obviously x

  • finegrs crossed you get an answer today. [email protected]!

  • As per usual despite their promises I didn't hear back from them with an offer yesterday. ConfusedSuper Angry

    I've been getting some advice from consumer forums, they mentioned something about an £18 per hour Litigant in Person tariff which is what I could charge them if I take them to court as well as all the other costs I'd get back. As it stands if they fanny about much longer I'll do that anyway, it's taken nearly a month to get this out of them. A few more weeks is a complete PITA but it'll be no more inconvenient than all the chasing around I've had to do since owning the car!

  • They want to buy back the car for £1500 less than I paid for it.

  • That's taking the piss, I wouldn't accept that!  You may have had use of the car for a while, but like I said before you need to take into account all the inconveniences you've had too!  Good idea of weekender to work out what cost to you it has involved in any lost income, additional mileage, plus you need to add on additional amount for all the hassle, stress and now time to take getting a new car!

  • I won't be accepting it. Honestly, I've met a real life Boycie!

    Letter before action coming up.

  • Good for you!  Bloody pain in the ar$e going through all this, but hopefully it will be worth it and they'll give in before you have to take it too far!

  • Pain in the *** having to go through it, but stick to your guns, i'd be really pee'd off if they offered me £1,500 less.  It's probably spent more time getting fixed and with them than it has with you by the sounds of it.

  • they're taking the piss.

  • sshh can you let me know year and make of car and i'll ask H what you should be accepting if anything?

  • ....(I will remove this line so pls don't quote)

    Just had a quick look on Autotrader, same car's are selling for £7k upwards with higher mileage than that.

  • So I spoke to the guy from the garage and he made me cry. I am such a baby. 

    He was shouty and rude. I hung up on him because he kept talking over me. I sent a letter before action yesterday and I must have hit a nerve.

    I just can't take the stress any more. Bawl

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