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Things you used to hide from your parents...

I had to de-wig E before school this morning. Laugh I bought this faux pony tail/bob thing for a '50's do I went to and she was trying to wear it to school. I told her to take it off and I checked her school bag before we left too and removed the toupee from it ROTFL she thinks I'm stupid!

Got me thinking about the stuff I used to try smuggling out of the house, or telling them I was going to a mates house but was in fact going to the pub (not until I was older though). What did you used to hide?


  • Oh god tons!!

    When I went to school we used to smoke on the bus / at the bus stop - I'd hide my fags and lighter in my bag and blame the other kids for smoking - I swore blind it wasn't me.

    I used to hide uneaten food under my bed. Homework or school letters too.

    I'd hide clean washing in my wardrobe or drawers all screwed up.

    My sister and I never got pocket money so we used to rob pound coins out of my dads money bag (he is a cabbie so always had change) so would hide those in my socks and shoes when going out.

    I used to steal clothes and sell them at school so again I'd hide those but in my bed covers at the bottom of my bed and then hide my 'earnings' in my knicker drawer.

    My bedroom was downstairs with a door to the back garden so I'd often hide boys in my bedroom.

  • Tons, I'd get on the bus to college and carry on to town drinking all day. I used to be pissed as a fart when I'd get home I can't believe they weren't onto me. I always used to stay at 'friends' houses. I have two tattoos they still don't know about. I spent all my savings within a year or so of them handing me over the savings book. I got a loan at aged 20 while still living at home. I could go on, glad I don't have a girl to turn out like me.

  • Food. I would smuggle treats from the kitchen upstairs to my room. I didn't want them judging me for being a pig. I must have issues.

    I used to lie about where I was going all the time. Oh and skirts. I always had to wear the shortest skirt possible which of course my dad hated and threatened the usual 'you are NOT going out dressed like that!'. So I'd wear something else as put the short skirt in my bag to change into. My children will never get away with anything as I know every trick in the book ha.

  • loads!

    i used to put my watch back by an hour or say it had stopped so when i was late home id blame my watch stopping!

    alcohol, my parents never ever searched my bedroom whereas my friends parents did so i used to stock pile allour alcohol and theyd help me sneak it out at the weekend

    my pill, which infact when my mum found it about 3 years later she was totally fine about me being on it and never once went mad (i thought they would go ballistic)

    my tattoo, my dad didnt realise i had a tattoo until i was married Weep

  • Ah yes tattoo - I had my first on my 13th birthday. Mum only discovered that when I showed her my 2nd when I was 16.

  • I used to tell them I was staying at a mate's house, then we'd go off to gigs.

    I don't know if they ever found out about the nipple ring!

  • I never really hid anything. After seeing what trouble my older sis got into, by hiding stuff, I soon discovered that it was easier to be open with my parents.

    The only thing I can remember ever attempting to hide, was my eyebrow piercing. I was 14, and she had told me I couldn't get it done. Everytime I was in the same room as her, I'd have my hand over my eyebrow, that lasted all of 2 days...

    She knew I drank, she was OK with me being tattooed (She paid for my first tattoo, for my 16th birthday), she was OK with me having boys round, and was OK with me staying over at my boyfriends house, so I never had to lie about those things.

    I was a good girl. Well, until I became pg at 17 Laugh Didn't hide that from her either. She was on holiday when I found out, as soon as she got back, I told her.

  • Ah, the clothes too. I always used to get ready for a night out at a friends due to the short skirts and low tops, urgh!

  • Everyone would get ready at mine cos my parents were pretty cool in that respect. I'd be the one every kipped at - but I was often lying to her when we went to all nighters like World Dance or Jungle Fever.

  • I used to wear my big clompy shoes to school, then stop and call for Clare Harrison in the alleyway and put on her pretty shoes, which were too small, and then wonder why I got sore feet and in-growing toenail! My mum found the shoes in my bag once and I tried to blag it but she won on a technicality

    Used to say I was staying at a friends to babysit/do homework and go clubbing. One time we all said we were staying at each others and my friend had stolen the keys to her parents new posh house in the west end, we had a massive party that got broken up by police and 6 of us broke in to a beach hut and slept there. We were in mcDs at 7am for coffees, we were so miserable, it was October!

    I threw up on myself at a local disco aged 15, the police dropped me off at the end of the street, I hide the sicky trousers in the bottom of my wardrobe until I could get them in the machine with mum out, my younger sister found them and blackmailed me for quite a lot of money in order for her not to tell my mum

    I didn't tell her when I lost my virginity but I didn't need to because the cow read my diary.

    I was always 'losing' or 'breaking' my watch and hence very late. Or once 17, breaking down in my car or running out of petrol. lol.

    There's loads more I'd forgotten. I have a boy and he is nothing like I was at that age. Thank goodness.

  • I didn't get away with much, my parents were quite strict and annoyingly savvy, but I was a fairly naughty teenager but not sharing that!

    One minor thing that springs to mind is I used to hate school lunch at my primary school, I used to squash as much as possible into my pinafore dress pockets and then empty it into the bin when I got home. I got found out when my mum questioned why there was corn beef and mash in the bathroom bin.

  • Abnormal Kitty

    I never really hid anything.

    this. Apart from my fags. I used to swear blind that I didnt smoke, but my car and clothes must have reeked, plus when a packet of 20 went through the washing machine (unopened Bawl) I lied and said they belonged to my friend WeepROTFL

  • I never really hid anything. For one thing I didn't really do anything worth hiding and two I didn't have much to rebel against. My mum and dad (and both brothers) smoke and I hated it. They all have tattoos (my mum has six, my dad only has one and my brothers have countless), my mum had her nose pierced twice. I got with my now H when I was 16 so it's not like I was sneaking around, they invited him on holiday with us after a few months.

  • Smoking was the only thing really but then on my 15th birthday party they asked me and I said yes and sparked up in front of them, couldn't be bothered lying.

    Hid drinking too but just by staying at other peoples houses.

    they never tried to tell me what to wear so I never hid  clothes and got changed etc.

  • Loads of things but one time in particular me and my brother had been fighting and had been sent to our rooms to eat our tea. It was a week of two later that my dad was clearing out the gutters and found a big pile of sausages underneath my bedroom window - still a family joke now.

  • I didn't hide anything from my mum as far as I can remember. I was a right goodie two shoes though!

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