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Vibes please

H has PIP (Personal Independence payment) assessment tomorrow. They are coming to the house tomorrow to carry it out. Just want it over and done with. A friend is having son tomorrow.

Also H is not well at the moment as he had to come off one of his heart failure meds due to side affects and he can't start the new meds till Monday. He hasn't been in hospital since mid/Late August, He isn't at all right and am concerned if it continues like this he will be back in hospital so it looks like we will be phoning the heart failure nurse and she will hopefully come out to see him.


  • Lots of vibes heading your...Both for the PIP and your husband's health. Sounds like you're having a tough time of it just now, so big hugs to you too  x

  • Hope the assessment goes/has gone well.

    Lots of vibes heading your way.

  • Thank you for the vibes. The PIP assessor was really nice, and it went better than we could of expected. It is horrible going through how  it impacts on life. As a family we have found ways to cope. It will take a couple of monthes to hear the outcome. We really need to try and sort out a blue badge and physiotherapy so we know the best forms of exercise. A lot of things all came to a head today. We got phoned up by Papworth we now have dates for H's impatient stay, for a second opinion on heart transplant. So H goes to Papworth from the 12th to the 14th May. We live two hours away from Papworth which is going to make things quite difficult also, we will have to ask friends to look after our six year old son.

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