Whoop Whoop It's Friday!

How are we all on this lovely day?

Whats new in your world?

Good, bad and ugly of the week?

Good: It was my birthday!

Bad: I ate loads of badness and drank my age in alcohol units!

Ugly @ My body now I have treated it with disrespect!


  • I'm glad it's Friday - been a long week.

    Good - had a nice couple of days in Brussels. Yes I was working but ate good food and discovered fruit beer!

    Bad - My diet and fitness regime

    Ugly - The kids. You can cut the atmosphere at home with a knife and both H and I are at a loss on how to deal with it.

  • I'm feeling positive today, the sun is shining and everyone seems happy. Me and A have just scoffed some homemade banana and choc chip muffins fresh out of the oven, omg they are so lush!

    Good - banana and choc chip muffins!

    Bad - fact I've eaten 2 and can see myself eating more!

    Ugly - definitely my body after a week of not being very good.

  • Morning, the sun is also shining here so hopefully I can get my bedding on the line to dry.

    Good - Have had a fab couple of days in London and its E's 10th Birthday today.

    Bad - another one who has ate and drank far too much and have the weekend celebrations to go.

    Ugly - another one with an ugly body after lots of abuse to it.

  • Not doing too bad today thanks - looking forward to the weekend Smile  Hope you had a fantastic birthday!

    Good - weight gain wasn't as bad as I thought it would be at slimming world yesterday.

    Bad - I ate a huge amount of chocolate last night, whoops!

    Ugly - the amount I need to learn for my show which opens 8 weeks tonight!!!

  • Another one who is pleased it is friday - been a long week and Molly has been poorly with a cold/cough/rash so feeling a bit run down, going to have a lazy weekwned.

    Good: We got a lovely new car

    Bad: someone has cloned OH identity and set up mobile phones in his name, not liable but it all needs sorting out. They have CCTV footage of the culprits for him to view

    Ugly: the state of my house, I need to have a deep clean but do not have the time, energy or the inclination!

  • Belle - Is it becasue the Mum is back oin the scene?

    NB: Ooo new car - what was wrong with the SMax?

    DD - Oooo slimming world? Can you do that whilst PG?

    Frankie - Muffins sound lush - I have just put a loaf of bread on to bake and might make some banana cake too now - yummy!

    SW - Happy Birthday to E! Are you fully recovered from London?

  • Yes you can fortunately since I signed up for 12 weeks 2 days before my BFP!  I did know beforehand that you could otherwise I wouldn't have signed up.  Lost 8lb in total so far, not really looking to lose anymore, just don't want to put too much on too quickly since I'm now back in a healthy weight (last year was a bit rubbish for me weight wise)

  • Oh well done you DD!

  • Yeah 1stbaby I'm recovered from our trip, I just needed a good nights sleep and some naughty stodgy food, I'm as right as rain today, although I can't say the same about poor H after getting the snip yesterday, he's quite sort and milking it for all he can get ha ha.

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