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Can I be pregnant on copper coil

Help am I pregnant on copper coil?

Hello, I've had the copper coil for 5 years this year. I always always have regular periods on a 33day cycle. This month I am now 5 days late, and I know that something is up. My chest has been really painful all week to the point that it was painful to take my bra off and have loose clothing on. I'd never experienced this before so as you do I started googling and everything told me it was pregnancy, but I was more worried that it could be ectopic due to having the coil. I have since checked (I now realise I've never checked on a regular basis) for the strings of my coil and I cannot locate. I obviously then rushed to asda and I've bought three cheap pregnant tests, two of which show the most faintest second line possible? However I then bought a clear blue test which stated Not Pregnant? Can someone please help me as I'm really worried. I'm slightly hesitant to go to the GP today as my mother in law works there and I wouldn't want to bump into her or for her to get her suspicions, I will wait until she is off work at the end of the week. Really appreciate if someone can help. Thanks Jane
I have sent a pic of the tests I've taken 
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