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Family leave 3-year-old in motorway picnic area. Have you accidentally left your child somewhere?


We've just been reading about a family of five who were heading to the south of France on holiday. They stopped for a meal just south of Valence – and then drove on 93 miles before realising they'd left their 3-year-old girl behind at the picnic area. Scream!

The little girl was, thankfully, found by another family and looked after by them until she could be returned to her parents – although, apparently, it wasn't until an appeal was broadcast on a motorway radio channel that the family finally contacted the police. 

Obviously, this is a highly unusual case – 93 miles is a long way to drive before clocking you're one child down – but we're sure many of us have had one of those heartstopping moments when you realise your child is not where you thought he or she was.

I once went to collect my oldest two from school, for example, and left the baby, in his pram, in the playground. I've never run back to school so fast in my life!

Have you got any moments like that to share with us? Please do tell!


  • I just can`t get - how it can happen?? How can you leave or miss your child somewhere? Especially somewhere in France? Wtf?

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