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Child trackers and tags: would you buy one to keep your child safe?


We've been hearing more and more about tracking devices you can put on your children to help you keep them safe.

There are lots of different devices around but most work in the same kind of way: you fit a tracker –often a wristband, like the My Buddy Tag we've pictured – to your child and then use a linked smartphone app to track your child's movements.

"You can set the distance your kids can go before you’re alerted, says My Buddy Tag inventor Mark Phillips, "so you can get to them before they come to any harm."

His tag also sounds an alert if it’s submerged in water for more than 3 seconds (to prevent accidental drowning) and includes a panic button that the child can press.

What do you think about tags and trackers like this? 

Do you think they sound really useful for parents of young children and something that you'd consider buying for your child?

Or do you think they're not really needed and are just gimmicks that could make parents of young children unnecessarily paranoid?

Please let us know what you think by adding a post to this thread. We'd love to hear your views on this!


  • I don't know what I think about these. They sound like a neat idea but when you think about it I don't think I'd ever want my child to be so far away from me that I can't see them and need to track them. That's a bit weird.

  • Agree with what Hertie said. The idea is great, you know incase you lost your child in a shopping centre, but would i buy one? Not entirely convinced.

  • I'm not sure i'd buy one of these tags. Would certainly use them if they were avsilsbke to hire in theme parks/shopping centres etc, 

  • I would actually buy this. Im not a bad parent but it gets a bit much when im out by myself with the 2 little ones and my 3 year old has a bad habit of being distracted VERY easily and wonders off because of something as simple as she saw a toy. Ive tried a harness but she just lays on the floor and doesnt like it at all. Shes fond of jewellry alot so this actually doesnt seem pretty bad. 

  • It seems a great idea. I would probably buy one 😊

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