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Impossible questions children ask: what's the hardest/most embarrassing q your child has asked?


We'd love to know what impossible or embarrassing – or just plain huh?-type – questions your child has asked you.

You know, things like, 'Why is the sky blue?' or 'Why is that lady so fat?' 

(Not that my child ever asked me those and left me lost for words – oh no - blush)

Please share your impossible questions here by adding a post to this thread. Thank you!


  • The best I was asked was by my then 4 yr old daughter, while waiting in a que - behind a red headded gentleman with looong dreadlocks 

    My daughter taps my hand and asks why that man has ginger monkey hair? (In her defence ice age continental drift was her fav film! - the bad guy monkey had dreadlocks style hair)

    Gobsmaked I had no idea how to answer ( wishing the ground would open up)  and kind of stuttered a few seconds while the man in question giggles and turns to my daughter, he crouches down and said he was really a pirate in training and to keep his secret please! Of course my girls were amazed and didn't stop talking about him all day!

  • hello 😊 

    I remember when my cousin's 4 year old asked me: "do you know all the planets in our Galaxy? tell it to me from the smallest to the biggest " 😳 

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