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Anyone started their Christmas shopping already? Anyone (gulp) already finished?


Now all the Christmas ads are playing and the tinsels draped over every shop window, we're wondering how many of you have started your Christmas shopping already?

Please come and tell us whether you have or not. And how much or little you've done.

We'd love to know!


  • Oh goodness, my daughter regularly asks 'how many days until Christmas' and the last time she did, i looked at her quite appalled as it was on 44 or something - then i thought, Sh*t, I have SO much to buy! I have a mental list with 2 things on it for my dad, a proper written list for my eldest daughter, and that is as far as i've got - simply thinking about it! Which scares the crap out of me!!!!

  • I keep thinking if I ignore it long enough it will disappear lol 


    i guess in the next few weeks I should start getting things... Such effort though lol pregnancy is making me feel much lazier image

  • I've nearly done all mine. Feeling quite proud of myself - never usually this organised!

  • Almost done all mine too. Wondering if it's too soon (or silly) to start wrapping with an increasingly mobile 9 month old....

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