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What's the best baby photo you've taken? And what does it mean to you?

Hi everyone,
We were wondering if you fancied sharing the best baby photo you've taken, and telling us what it means to you? It could be the first photo you ever took of your newborn, or a shot of your toddler up to no good! Any thing at all! We'd love to see them and coo over your children!

Please do let us know by posting your picture and comments on this thread below.


  • Long time lurker, first time poster, but i took this pic of my 2 year old girl the other day as it made me laugh so much. She's forever stealing my tea, so i made her her own cup. She still steals my tea.


  • Aw, that's lovely, BobbieRae. What a great pic! And welcome to the world of posting - lovely to see you here!

  • I have so many favourites! ☺ 

    But this is a recent one. I just feel like he is so happy and content in my arms when I look at this photo and that makes me feel so good! image

  • My fave! Both my babies!!! ❤️❤️❤️image

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