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What are you doing for New Year's Eve? Out partying or staying in?


It's the last day of 2015 and we're wondering what you're all up to this evening?

Are you planning on partying till it's 2016?

Or are you staying put on the sofa – and maybe even (ssh!) sneaking off to bed before the stroke of midnight?

I've a feeling DanielleMFM is in the party-party-party camp. While, this year, I think a Lemsip and an early night might be about as exciting as it gets in my house!

Do please tell us what you're up to by adding a post to this thread. We'd love to know!



  • I love New Year's Eve. It's very noisy and friendly round here. Everyone goes onto the street at midnite banging pans.

  • Hi am shakshi , now am 23 weeks pregnant my fetal heart rate 158 bpm can u guess my baby gender male or female 

  • Hi Shakshi, welcome to MadeForMums and happy new year. You happened to have posted on a thread about new year, might we suggest you start a new thread here with your question in as we think more people will see it and might be able to advise you.
    If you need help with posting, do just let us know and we can help.

  • Hi thank you for ur reply may I know abt my baby whether male or female?

  • Hi Shakshi. We're afraid DanielleMFM and I are not experts on fetal heart rates (or much else, for that matter!), so we can't answer your question.

    But please do do as Danielle suggested and start a new discussion thread in our Pregnancy topic – where there should be plenty of other people who'd like to help you out. (As Danielle said, you're currently posting on a discussion thread about New Year's Eve that's not in the Pregnancy topic, so it's possible that people who post in our Pregnancy topic won't see your posts at all.)

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