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Has your child ever lost a favourite toy? What did you do?


Has your child got a favourite toy – and has he or she ever dropped it or left it behind somewhere and then been completely inconsolable? (It's certainly happened in our house!)

If so, what did you do?

Did you try to find the toy? Did you have any idea where it was? Or did you have to put out a call on Facebook – or do something even more inventive – to try to track it down?

We'd love to hear your experiences of the Lost Toy Crisis (as it is now known in our house). Please do share them with us by adding a post to this thread. Thank you!


  • We lost Monkey on holiday in Dorset and didn't realise till we'd got back home - 150 miles away. There were so many tears! We rang the hotel and they found him under the bed in our room, thank god. The nicest thing was they sent him back to us in a big parcel addressed to Monkey's Best Friend. My daughter loved that.

  • We lost my daughters Doggie in a Town Centre and retraced all the shops we'd visited that day - turns out we found him sat on a low shelf in Hobbycraft where my lg had popped him down. I have read about loads of friends buying two of their kids fave toy, to help stop the nightmare that is losing one of them! My other daughters fave toy isn't allowed to leave the house incase this very thing happens!!!

  • Oh that's lovely of the hotel, Evespudding. How sweet!

    And that's a good idea about not letting the toy leave the house, BobbieRae. Can your daughter still get to sleep in a strange place without her favourite toy, though?

  • Hasn't happened to us but I have picture taken just in case. I've seen lots of mums use social media to find lost toys. It has worked. 😀

  • my son lost his favorite teddy a few months back, he actually took it very well! we said someone else was probably looking after teddy. he said he was happy teddy was making someone else happy now!! brought a tear to my eye!

  • Ooh frenchmum: taking a pic is an EXCELLENT idea. I'm going to borrow that one for sure!

    And your son sounds wonderful, happymummy10. What a lovely thing to say, bless him!

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