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Has anyone fell pregnant on the implanon

Hi I have had the implant in for over 2 years and going to get it removed in 3 weeks time. I am starting to fell the symptoms of being pregnant, has anyone else ever fallen pregnant on the implant?


  • I can't answer your question specifically about the implant however it is common when coming off birth control as the hormones start to try and normalise to experience pregnancy symptoms.  Best thing is to do a pregnancy test or if still unsure see a doctor to discuss and possibly have a blood test which will be more definitive 

  • The research into implanon suggested that it was nearly impossible to get pregnant whilst using unless your body mass is above 70kg, then the risks increase but it is still incredible small. I believe it was 1 in 3000 as opposed to the 2 in 100 on the combined pill. However I often have pregnancy symptoms whilst on the implant because my body is fooled into thinking something isn't quite right anyway. I concenceived within a couple of days of having my implant removed btw.

  • Thank you, my implant isn't due out until October but me and my partner want to try for baby #2 that's why am getting it out ASAP xxx

  • Hiya,

    I had the implant for 3 years and was due to have it removed but my doctors had the date wrong by a month meaning for a whole month I didn't have any contraception. I am unsure if I am pregnant or not as I have had a lot of symptoms such as nausea (I was sick 4 times in one day) , small spots, dizziness, swollen stomach, hot flushes and loss of appetite.

    My doctor told me that I should take a pregnancy test, one this week and one next week as it may not come out positive now, I took the test and it came out negative. I was wondering if a test can come out negative due to having the implant because I had a new one fitted, and is it possible that I am pregnant.

    Hope someone can help, thank you x

  • I'm not sure about the implant but when I came off the pill i had very strong pregnancy symptoms my firs month off 

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