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Do you/would you give your child a Valentine's Day card? Is it cute or creepy?


We've been hearing lots of talk this year about parents who give cards to their child on Valentine's Day.

And we can't decide if we think that's a bit weird or actually really quite cute.

So we'd love to know what you think!

Do you (or would you) give your child a card on Valentine's Day? If so, why? And if not, why not?

Please tell us by adding a post to this thread. Thanks so much!


  • My dad used to buy me and my sister a little present every valentines I think it's cute teaches you about giving to the one you love dosent mean its a romantic relationship every girls firSt love should be there daddy x

  • I remember my husband gave me a valentine card a few years ago and my daughter who was 4 at the time was so upset he hadn't give her a card, he's now had to buy one for her every year since. He only said to me earlier, guess i have to buy three cards this year as we have two daughters now.

    i think it's a sweet way of saying i love you to your kids... not sure i'd give one to a boy/son if i had one though!

  • I give my son a card and usually a choc lolly.

    when I was in my teens my mum used to send me and my sister an anonymous card - she always denied it was her though!

  • When I was a kid in school in Canada we always gave valentine's cards to all of our classmates. I think given that we started to do this before we understood romantic love - it seemed more about letting other people know that you cared about them. We loved giving secret Valentine's and sometimes especially to our classmates who were less popular or new. I think traditions are fun and create some structure and excitement. I think it would be more fun teach about giving, encouraging a kid to give a valentine card to a parent and giving them one in return. It can be a fun way to teach about love and caring. 


  • I can understand children giving them to children in classes at school etc that's sweet but I never got one as a child ive always considered it to be a romantic thing and wouldn't give my child a valentines card. I give my partner one but not my son lol it wouldn't feel right giving my son a valentines card as well my other half. you wouldn't take your kids out for a romantic Valentines meal lol. Everyone is different though i respect that. My son is told he's loved everyday but I don't always say it to my other half and I think being parents etc it's one day of the year i get flowers lol 

  • now I'm older I see a valentines card as an expression of love in any form, I also send one to my mum every year x

  • I agree with k85m.... Totally dont have an issue with people who do give cards to family / friends but i personally see valentines as a romance thing so for me thats nit something i would share with someone other than my husband. (Although we dont partake in valentines anyway).

    I do feel more strongly against children being encouraged, for example, to tell teachers & friends that they love them... I used to work in a daycare where some children would do this but i think that can be confusing for children & its simply not true in my opinion.... I would be happy for my son to say he likes his teacher / friends & cares about him / her but not to say he loved them... Love for me is a much stronger, more special emotion / sentiment that we share with our family & i will encourage my son to understand that distinction. 

  • I get a  from my mum and dad and a single rose 

    valentines is for showing people you love them right? I hope my parenter gets me one one from my son he is 4 months I've got him a card X 

  • Yes very cute to give cards whatever the age !

    Will definitely give some to my kids

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