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Tell us your favourite family films!


What are your top family films? If you were planning to pile onto the sofa for a family film session this Easter bank holiday, what film (or films) would you pick to watch together?

Maybe it's an adventure movie? Or a comedy? Or a Disney film? Or a Pixar classic? A brand new release? Or a proper 'oldie' that you used to watch as a kid?

We – and our friends at – would really love to know what your favourite family films are. And we have a little stash of lovely children's books to send as prizes to those who post on this thread to tell us!

So, please come and add a post, telling us what your favourite family films are (feel free to name more than one!) and why. And please also tell us how old your children are.

We'll put the names of everyone who posts into a hat and, when the thread is closed in a few days' time, we'll pick some winners – and announce their names here. Good luck, everyone – and get posting!


Please note: some of the comments on this thread may be used by in an article about family films, so please only post if you're happy with this.


  • Our most favourite films to curl up on the sofa to are Mary Poppins and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. You just can't beat the old Disney classics. My Daughter is 6, and I hope her brother who is 4mths will love them just as much when he grows up xx

  • We love 'Paws' with the voice of Billy Connelly and also the good old Muppet movie 😊

  • My six year old adores The Ice Age films, Hotel Transylvania and Matilda is the new fave! My youngest isn't into movies yet - Peppa Pig for her!

  • My eldest who is three and a half just watched kung fu panda and loved it. We have now set dates to sit down and watch number 2 and 3, with our favourite snacks ofcourse! Best thing is, my little boy who is 11 months laughed along to, so it was a real family film night.

  • Our fav movie ever is Home Alone (1 & 2). My kids never get tired of watching it over and over again. 

  • Has to be the lion king!!!still makes me cry haha or a more recent one would be the good dinosaur, josh loves it! Xx

  • Me and my four year old love night at the museum and he's recently watched Jumanji and loved it x

  • My son wants to watch zootopia cause its got a easter bunny

  • My two who are 6/2 love Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory (oddly they like both the old version and new one!) and the eldest is also a big fan of The Wizard of Oz, but always has bad dreams after watching it!

  • My two girlies 4 and 3 love Frozen and Bambi 😊 although i cry at the ending of bambi x 

  • I love The Goonies - a great feel-good family adventure. Felix is 5 and Huxley is 10 weeks. Hoping it'll be on again soon! And Never ending story too. Awesome.

  • Our Eldest DD is 6 and her favourite film has finally moved on from Frozen and she now loves Matilda after reading the book. The only problem is now is that our 21 month old DD has taken over on the Frozen front and is deverstated she can't build a snowman. 

  • hi

    i have a 16, 13, 9 and 8 year old.

    we could all watch home alone (all of them) and Spacejam till the cows come home. 

    when my 16 year old was younger home alone was on constant replay and  now my 9 year old given half the chance would have it on all the time too.

    its like history repeating itself!

  • My daughter is 4 and is a real Disney girl, she loves all of their films, especially the princess related ones but just recently she's taken a huge shine to the Wallace and gromit films, she loves the one with the naughy penguin in so that would be our choice to snuggle down on the sofa to watch 🐧

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  • toy stort

    , Shrek ,Madagascar, cars, anything Disney really

  • Thank you to everyone for posting so far. We're going to be closing this thread soon, so this is a quick reminder for those of you lurking to come and share your best family films - we'd love to hear what they are, and you could win a prize just for sharing! 

  • Madagascar for me

  • I love all the Disney films! But Matilda and Marry Poppins are favourite in our house too, feel good family films especially if you can sing along! 

  • Hi everyone! Thanks so much for sharing your favorite family films with us.
    We're going to close this thread now as the Easter bank holiday weekend has now been and gone, but not before we announce the winners!

    The winners are.... Chamilto and FlossyFlossy! We're going to drop you a PM now to get your name and address details.

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