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Schools to make every child run a mile a day: good idea or not?

Hi everyone,

We were wondering what you thought of a new campaign that has launched, to have primary school children run a mile a day, which has been said to cut obesity rates.

It’s currently happening in about 700 schools in the UK and Scotland, and we wondered what you thought of it? Would you like your child to run a mile a day? Even if you have a baby right now, when your baby starts school, is this something you’d be keen for them to do? Or do you think it’s asking too much of the children? If you didn’t want your child to partake, can you tell us why?

Please do let us know  your thoughts by posting on this thread, below. We’d love to hear them!



  • I would LOVE my daughter to run a mile a day, but actually getting her to do it would be something entirely different! I'm really not sure all parent's would agree with this, but i think it would be amazing for their health. I'd like to know when these schools who do this at the moment, fit it in during the school day - is it in a lesson time? Also how long does it take a 4/5/6 year old to run a mile?

  • I don't think it's a bad idea either. I agree BobbieRae I think it will be interesting where this would fit into the school day. a mile isn't a huge distance and my eldest DD probably covers that distance just playing. I would say a KS1 child could run a mile in under 20 Minutes. Good luck to who ever is in charge trying to keep the attention of the kids x

  • Our school does this, and call it the daily mile. My daughter is in nursery and they call it the daisy mile although they don't do quite a mile. The  can run, jog or walk the mile and it's done in all weather. We live opposite the school and there is always a class out doing their run, I think each class has a time slot, and it usually takes about 15 minutes. I think it's brilliant and I'm happy for them to do it.

  • I saw an article which said 3/4 of children in the UK spend on average, less than an hour a day outside, which is less than a prison inmate! Shocking! if some people live in inner cities, and don't have much access to outside space, I say make them run at school!

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