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Implantation or period

hi , 6 days after intercourse I've started with small amounts of brown spotting and occasional light cramps is this implantation bleeding or my period ? I'm so confused 😟



  • Hi Ash, have you done a test yet? Xx

  • No not yet I'm going to buy one tomorrow but I think it may be to early to tell yet ? im not sure x

  • June 2 I had brown spotting 

    June 3 light bleeding for 12 hours  (need a pad)

    June 4  brown spotting 

    Today June 5 medium flow (need a pad)

    Period due June 10

    Breaston his swollen and sore. Nipple are sensitive. Light cramps in the lower stomach.

    Is this implantation bleeding? I took a test and it came up neg...

    What should I do? 

  • Hi babesis maybe you need to wait a bit and take another my period was due 2 days before my brownish spotting  appeared I'm taking a test either today or tomorrow I'm trying to wait to get more accurate .  I hope this helps even though im just as confused as you are 😂 X

  • I will keep you updated and also its really watery and it gushes no blood clots 

  • I will do the same going to buy test today and see might be too early though I'm not sure . if I am pregnant it will be 9 days since conception what do you think to early or not?? if this isn't a period then technically I have missed mine ?? X

  • Wait about 3-5 days after implantation bleeding/period stop then take a test every 48-72 hours your hcg double and it takes 3-5 day for your body clean your kidney out completely and your urine to refull it self 

    (That what I have reed)

    Hope it helps you

  • Ok thank you will update you if any news x

  • Bought test now just to wait a few days it's hard though I'm very impatient 😂 

  • Suddenly felt very sick earlier and then past out 😔 Could this be another sign ? 

  • It could be nausea and tiredness

  • whats going on with you?  are you still spotting or has it stopped now ? X

  • Medium blwedding still!!!!

  • I'm still having light bleeding still brownish I'm hoping it might stop tonight 

  • My apologies for the last response 

    But I did a walk in and the doctor told me I am pregnant but it sound like I am threaten to have a miscarriage because of the bleeding but it's a 50% chance that the blood will not effect the baby but I'm on bed rest until my u/s but it common to have miscarriage with in the first 12 weeks.

  • Congrats 😁 i hope everything is ok and goes well for you good luck 🍀. I think it's still to early to tell for me x

  • If your impatient you can get a blood test done and thank you

  • I know but it's only a few days I think I can manage to wait it out hopefully I will let you know how I get on 

  • Okay any updates I will let you know

  • Just to update you if I was pregnant I no longer am anymore this afternoon I had a siring pain in my lower tummy and when I went bathroom later i was heavily bleeding bright red blood with clots and If I wasn't pregnant then i have no idea what's going on down there good luck and all the best xx

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