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Why is my period delayed

On August 1st I landed in Europe to visit family. On August 4th I got my period. On August 12th I flew back home into the U.S. Now today is September 1 and I still haven't got my period. I have an app and my monthly average cycle always changes but I usually get my period in between 25-27 days. Last month I got it on day 28 and today is day 28 for me too. It also says on the app that I was supposed to be ovulating on August 17th. When I came back from Europe though I was so used to their time zone so I was always falling asleep really early here for a whole week then I got used to this time zone and then last week I started to stay up all night again and sleep past noon. I am 17, and I know I'm not pregnant. I'm a virgin and I've never slept with a guy or done anything sexual with a guy. I know this is a website for mothers wirh children but i just need some opinions. I tried asking on yahoo but it wouldn't go through . 

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