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I'm new to Made For Mums

Hi, I'm new to this site and I think it's the perfect place to talk to other parents and get advice. I would love to see around and how things work here. image


  • Hi Gigglingmummy28, welcome to MadeForMums! It's lovely to have you here, and if you need any help finding your way around the site, please just holler! 

  • Hi I'm new on here how does it works help pls

  • Hi Lorriel, welcome to the MadeForMums chat forum. You could start by clicking on the Quick Links in chat button, and checking out the forums latest posts - see if anything grabs you, and then jump on in! 

  • iam new here too dont know how to use some things here is nice anyway

  • Hi beckymumm, welcome to MadeForMums, great to have you here. Please do let us know how we can help you figure your way around the site, but a good place to start is by clicking here to read all the latest posts. 

  • I'm also new to I'm also 1st time pregnant at 42yrs 👍🏻 Looking for some advice! I'm into week 8 of my pregnancy and saw my GP on Tue who said the Midwife would contact me but I've not heard from her yet! Should I contact her?

  • Hi LindiLw, huge congratulations on your pregnancy and welcome to MadeForMums! You might want to check out the Birth Clubs where you can find loads of women due the same month as you. You can find them here - just click on the month you're due in. 

  • thanks DanielleMFM

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